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Weird Al = George Michael's butt

In which she jumps to the point...


On my end...
1., Had first gyno visit. (I am pussy (LITERALLY). Hear me roar.)
2., Now I get to enjoy the wonderfulness of having a biopsy performed on my boobie. YAY BIG HOLLOW NEEDLES POKING AROUND IN MY TENDERS!
3., Did I mention that this computer is SUPER BITCHING?????
4., Going to Disney for little sister's birthday (along with older sister, slantedsunlight, and the sexy man beast) on Thursday. YAY DISNEY!
5., Bowling on a Wii is fun. Seriously.
6., Amy Adams = CUTEST PERSON/PLACE/THING EVER. I want one for my own.
7., My birthday is soon, and thus I will shortly be older... and singing a certain TMBG song without end.
8., After a year and a half hiatus, and recovering from the shock that I still remember how, I'm reading again. Yaaaaay books.
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In which she gets whats hers and wears it too...

Going to the only store that sells jeans that actually fit correctly, even though they usually go for something like 2 pairs for $50-$60?

Sucks, but you gotta do it.

Going to the same store, and getting two pairs of jeans but somehow only spending $26 AFTER TAX??


Now, if only the rest of the world would come to the realization that skinny jeans are without a doubt the ugliest thing in the history of EVER and just bring me my damn bootcut. Seriously.
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In which she talks of hurricanes and... hurricanes...

Taking a look at my flist, I see the Gulf Coast residents are currently taking heed of Gustav chugging its way by Jamaica and onward, so I figured I'd rep my dick-state peeps, and say

HEY-HO FRANCES HANNA WHAT? *insert giant-ass bullseye over (Central) Florida HERE*

In other news, WHOOP-WHOOP THIS IS THE KIND OF SHIT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT!! True, it's not like Charleston Southern is a real team (no offense to any CSU fans/students/etc., but let's face it, they're small potatoes), but it's still good to see a point spread like that in your teams favor (52-7, YEEEah bitches!).

Let's just hope that next weekend goes smoothly. I really can't stand the Gators. X|

In other OTHER news, Ain't It Cool has posted Disney's release schedule for their Platinum Edition line of DVDs through 2010. What I'm most excited about? The newly completed Destino, set to be released with Fantasia AND Fantasia 2000...

In conjunction with these releases, Destino, the unfinished animated feature film created by Walt Disney and famed surrealist painter Salvador Dali will release. Begun in 1946, it was rediscovered in 2003 and completed by Walt’s nephew, Roy E. Disney. The collaboration between these two legendary artists will be available to own for the first time along with an all-new feature-length documentary that examines the surprising partnership between Dali and Disney.

Can I get a whoop-whoop?
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In which she gives a (very brief) State of the Simpson address...

Things are fucking epic all the fuck over.


JGosh is making me happier than I ever thought I could be, and things don't suck anymore, and even though I'm sick at the moment and am coughing up chunks of lung all the time and will soon be confined to the console seat of a 95 Chevy truck during a five to six hour drive to Georgia, things are, for lack of a better term, great.

It's like everything piece of shit I went through in life (and let me tell you internet, there were lots of 'em) is gone, and everything has finally come together and my life actually MEANS SOMETHING and things are so insanely and unbelievably YAY right now that, I--

There are no words. None. Nothing in the English language (or any other language, for that matter) even comes remotely close to this.

Yes, I miss the internet, and I miss all of you, like A LOT. I hope to remedy this as quickly as possible. Thing is, since everything else is going so perfectly, I don't have any real chances to get on any more. :|

It's like... Well, believe it or not, showtunes are the only reference point I have for the state of my emotions right now. It's somewhere between 'Waiting For This Moment' from TARZAN (minus all the latin plant names, that is) and 'A Change In Me' from Beauty and the Beast. (I highly recommend you give them a read if you're unfamiliar with the songs.)

Verily, I believe this will turn out to be a good year indeed.
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In which she feels like she's actually done something...


I don't know why you decided to give me a visit, but it's really nice to see you. God, it's been such a long time. You look good! New diet? Haircut? Oh really? Yeah, really. NO WAI!!1

... *looks up* No, I am not crazy.

BUT I am extremely pleased with myself! I feel like I got so much accomplished last night and YAY. Lots of YAY.

First off, Katie came over and we were able to move more stuff. Right now there's nothing left in the living room and Timmy's toy room except for the couch, a few empty bookcases, the TV, and computer. Katie's room is almost emptied out, and I finally started packing up my room. Right now I've basically packed half my books (I have A LOT of them :|), my CD cases (since I keep all my CDs in a binder), stereo (I usually just play them in my DVD player anyway), a bunch of power cords for various things, all most of my loose fabric (I think I still have a bolt over at my parents house... along with a lot of other things), my patterns, costume accessories/props (except my sword and rifle, which are also at my parents house), and as soon as I get more boxes I will pack more. YAY.

Then after she left I somehow managed to put down a good amount of TEH HORS-GHEE, which was taking nigh on forever to get planted in my brain and work itself out but now it's there and YAY. I just need like, not even two more lines and I'm done with this part HOMG YAY. Side note: Okay, The List? The part with all the clothes? We TOTALLY need to add on the ski-mask. TRUFAX.

Then I started fleshing out my Future AU Paitlin, and I really hope I can get the kinks worked out of it because LET ME TELL YOU INTERNET, I am lovin' it. No shit. Lotsa YAY.

All I need to do now is finish the current piece I'm working on for heroes50 (Muggles/Angela's fluffy coat, if you must know), which is about half way done already, so if I can just beat myself into submission to, y'know, sit down and actually do it, I can probably finish up in no time at all. Which would mean even MOAR YAY.


Also, the Scottish Festival is in a little more than two months. I WANT A KILT! And I'm thinking that when I finally get a tattoo it might be something along these lines, y/n?

[EDIT: AND! It's going to take me a little longer to get the CDs out than I expected, so when they actually are sent, some of you will be receiving your ChristmaChannuRamaKwanzaas presents along with them. The idea for them hit me last night and OMG EET R EPIX.]
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In which she forgoes normalcy and settles for CAPS...



[EDIT: Would any of YOU be willing to start up a 'Chuck' Meta comm with me??? Chuck needs metas. [EDIT2: jazalove has come to the rescue! Consider this the first announcement of chuck_meta! It's very roughly thrown together at the moment, but metas will start once we have a decent number of people, so JOIN! PIMP! WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T KID ABOUT QUICHE!]]
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In which she is glad your back...

My Official Recap for heroes_meta. Episode 201 'Four Months Later'

First off, I know I will have MASSIVE FANGIRLING that will need to be suppressed, so in an attempt to not pollute my meta with it, I will now get it out of the way. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOMGOGMOGMOGMGOMGOGMOGMGOMGOGM MOTHERE FUCKIGN HEROES IS BACKSADL;FJHASLDFKJHASLKDFHASLDKFHAS EXCUSE NMYMY RABID KEYSMASHIGN AND TALL THE TYPIES THAT IT ENSUES I HAS NO TIEM TO OOK AT TEH SCREEEM AHD GSKGHSKLDFJGHASDFJKGHSDFJKLG. And a general WARNING, because there WILL BE SPOILERS UNDER THE CUT. So if you click it and see something you didn't want to, don't come crying to me.

Collapse )
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In which she may just die...

Tonight, believe you me, my brain WILL explode. I'm already fangirling on AIM with bwhahahabeck, hymenchan, vespalicious, and jazalove (the crack; it doth overflow), Notepad is open and waiting for my heroes_meta recap (ahh, how I've missed the gloriously hilarious h_m quotes over the hiatus), I've got enough liquid crack to keep me awake well into tomorrow morning, AND CAPSLOCK IS ON.

On top of that, 'Chuck' kicks off at 8. &hearts with the most appropriate icon EVAR.


But now a poll, to amuse us all...

Poll #1060610 Who would YOU vote for as President????

We the People do hereby elect...

Cthulu (O R'LYEH?)
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In which she is OFFICIALLY out on business...

Okay, so everybody remember that one last entry before I go that I promised? Well, as it turns out its not gonna happen. Rest assured, I will post the last album request and the meme results when I get back, just no promises on how soon. Really, it depends on how many pictures I have to upload, how long it takes me to write up my recap for FADPOV (PIMP!), of course how long it takes my brain to recover. But yes, regular journaling will commence eventually!

I just got way behind with everything at the last minute (for example, because the computer I use is old and retarded, in order for me to plug my MP3 into the USB port to load songs onto it is if I unplug the keyboard, and somehow in the process I managed to bend the prongs past the point of repair and had to run over to Wal*Mart and buy a new one, which I'm still getting used to so bear with me if there are an insane amount of minor typos here *headdesk*) and OMG SATURDAY IS ALMOST HERE.

Speaking of which, I'm so ridiculously behind with my packing that it's not even funny. Honestly, the only things in my suitcase at the moment are one pair of shoes (for 'Avenue Q' on Saturday night), a pair of pajama pants, some extra hair ties, and of course the engraved name tags for myself, hymenchan, and Mr. Muggles. Needless to say, I've gotta get to packin', (which, for me, also means I need to do laundry; which kinda sucks because it's almost midnight and I have to be in to work tomorrow by six A.M. Not cool.

But HOOOOOOOOOOMG I am just so askldjf over everything right now. Only one more day of slave labor work and then sweet, sweet New York (not to mention Quinto and his Ass of Awesome).

Anyhoo, the main reason I was posting this was to ask that, since I probably won't get a chance to get on LJ much until at least Wednesday afternoon (our hostel has computers with high-speed internet access; but of course they charge their own fees, and I really have no idea how our time there will be divvied up), so if there is ANYTHING huge/major/epic that you feel I should see, whether it be related to any of my vastly numerous fandoms, or just some random shit you found amusing, link me in the comments! My flist has grown so much lately that it could literally take me forever to catch up on it, especially with all the other recaps flying around from the HWT.

(In the meantime, I'll probably be up all night packing, doing laundry, and cleaning my room, so feel free to IM me. (AIM sn is listed on my userpage. I'll be signed on all night.) I may not reply very fast, but reply I will!)

[EDIT: Okay, so it may not be the best idea to look at websites focusing on airline disasters/tragedies/accidents a mere 34 hours before your very first flight. :/]