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In which she has nothing original to add to the conversation...

In lieu of an actual entry, here's some shit I stole from IMDb! :D

Remember my fantasy Christmas Wish List from my last entry? Well, add THIS to it! Sadly, they don't come in king size. *laments*

While an actual remake of Charlie Brown Christmas would royally piss me off, I can still laugh at the proposed cast over here. Jonah Hill as Chuck? YES PLEASE. Keanu as Marcie?? My, what FABULOUS crack you have!! Rpattz as Pig-Pen??? INSPIRED BY TRUTH!!!

And, umm...

the give me anything meme

Oh, and here. Have a haiku...

Haiku2 for threthiel9
booty booty drop
booty booty booty drop
booty booty drop
Created by Grahame
Muppets = Kermit flail

In which she wants more than just a hippo...

In lieu of a realistic Christmas wish list, I bring you my fantasy wish list. With varying degrees of fantasy.

Shirts for the TRUE music nerd. I'd say my favorites are the Giacchino one and "Film Composers Know How to Score". Y'know, because it's so true.

Speaking of nerdy!cool shirts... SKYNET. I wants it, precious.

~ Captain Eo props FTMFW!
~ Oh, look! It's Grays Sports Almanac. AND ITS ONLY $2000 BUCKAROOS!
~ The Nazis would LOVE to get their hands on this.

And in non-Christmas fantasy news (OR IS IT?!), Evan Rachel Wood has been officially cast as MJ in Julie Taymor's Broadway treatment of Spider-Man. So to recap, Julie Taymor is directing, Bono is doing the music, and now ERW is the female lead. Whose dick do I have to suck in order for Jim Sturgess to play Peter? Or for that matter, Joe Anderson to play Harry??
LotR = Isengard rocks

In which she shares the music...

From hymenchan comes the best meme in the history of EVAR. Lotsa Heart Elephant wants you to know that that's the TRUTH! (Lotsa Heart/Smudge OTP.)

If you want to play, I will burn a CD for you songs that I pick from my media player just for you. I will send it to you in the mail, and your task will be to listen to it... and then report in your lj what songs/artists were on the CD and your opinion on the songs. In exchange for me doing this... you have to agree to repost this meme in your lj and do the same for others.

Collapse )

And that's that. I can't wait to burn the CDs for this one! Some of you (you shall remain nameless) already have most of, if not ALL your songs picked out and ordered. I am THAT excited.

Now, off to work on the STORY THAT ATE FANDOM! O:

[EDIT: Whoops, forgot something... If you'd like to play along, but are a bit paranoid of having your mailing address up on LJ FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE, MWAHAHAAAAA! just send me an email through my LJ address (or hit me up on AIM), with the subject line "CD meme".]
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In which she is in need of some assistance...

Okay, a bit of an advice seeking question here. This coming Friday, I am off with no work to speak of. I have two options as to how to spend my day. In this corner, I have Star Wars Weekends. And in the other corner, the shuttle launch. Now, let me expand...

Star Wars Weekends
I've been the past two years. Both years, I've met Warwick Davis (the first time as a guest (along with Don Bies), second as the Host (guests being Jake Lloyd (hee, I met Ani!) and Matthew Wood (in real life, I'd totally hit that). Both times, it has been utterly fantabulous on all fronts.

This year is also the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. So insanity is highly expected. Originally Warwick Davis was scheduled to appear this weekend, but had to reschedule at the last minute due to "filming conflicts" (DUDE, I SO TOTALLY THIS HAS SOMETHING EVERYTHING TO DO WITH PRINCE CASPIAN.) So they've replaced him with Bonnie Marie Piesse, who isn't bad, but isn't anything to get excited about, either.

However, this year's Host is Jay Laga'aia. That in and of itself is all kinds of geeky!awesome.

Normally, this would be a non-issue. If anything I could just go to each of the weekends like the fangirl I am and geek the fuck out. Only Disney decided to be a giant fucktard this year and pushed the event back a few weeks, so that I'm only able to go to TWO DAYS before the blackout dates on my FRSP kick-in. So it's now or never.

Shuttle Launch
Normally, when I start getting into this space exploration geekery, people zone me out. I'm not in it for the educational aspect. I'm honestly dying to see the day where we're setting up colonies on the Moon, space hotels, manned flights to Mars, etc. It sounds gay as hell, but I operate under the assumption that going to space would be the one thing in life that could truly make me happy. I am hardcore about this shit. (Seriously. I've made NASA fanmixes for whenever I head over to the

This Friday NASA is planning on launching Atlantis for mission STS-117. I've been trying for years to make it to a shuttle launch (my first actual try was what would end up being the final flight of Columbia a few years back. Could've made it, been a part of history. I was just too tired/lazy to drive all the way up there). So far I've yet to succeed. Which kinda sucks, being that I live in Florida and everything.

Well, when they were getting ready for the last shuttle mission, i thought I'd finally see something. I was wide awake, with a full tank of gas, a considerably shorter drive since my family had recently moved up to the central part of the state, and was making great time. Lo and behold, I literally pull into the damn parking lot at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and hear over NASA radio that the launch had been scrubbed. So I had to turn the car right back around and hightail it back home, all the while trying not to let my angry!tears obscure my driving.

Needless to say, I was fucking pissed. Pissed.
On the plus side, as I was speeding back home to vent and rant I managed to see a guy flip over his motorcycle through a tool-booth on 417. That was pretty fucking awesome. The thing must've done a good four or fives rotations before it hit the ground.

So much that when they finally did launch, and I missed being there (because they didn't know if they were gonna go through with it until the very last second), I actually had a full-blown anxiety attack. I'm talking suicidal, freaking out, hyperventilating, can't get enough oxygen because I'm so worked up and the insane levels of mucus are clogging up my respiratory system kind of anxiety attack. It didn't begin to subside for at least eight hours later.

So clearly, if they launch this time and I miss it, my health will not be in a good position. At all. So, to sort this all out, I'm letting you guys decide my fate. But just so you know, if anything bad happens either way, I'm coming after all of you.

Poll #997851 It's Friday - I'm in debate

So Friday. Star Wars Weekends or the Atlantis launch?

SWW. Fictional space is WIN.
Launch. Real space is made of awesome.
Both! SWW in the morning, shuttle launch at night. Srsly, who needs sleep?
Neither. Dude, get some help.
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In which she throws around her time (as if she actually has some)...

Once again, I spam your flists with endless YouTube goodies. RECOIL IN FEAR!

1. Brokeback by the Bell - The real drama between Zack and Slater!
2. Brokeback to the Future - The touching story, of a love that could never be.
3. Star Wars: The Empire Brokeback - Story of two droids. (Made entirely from ANH footage.)
Hmm, am I sensing a theme here? Well, we can't have that now, can we?
4. LotR Gay Bar - Ummmm... Just um. (SO MUCH CRACK. GREATEST THING EVER.)
5. They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard! - What did you say? (Okay, I seriously miss this fandom now.)
6. 'Lord of the Rings' by Goerge Lucas - "I don't use locations. I have computers."
7. Star Trek meets Monty Python - It's only a model highly illogical.
8. Star Trek: Time Warp - Set phasers to pelvic thrust!
9. A-capella Nintendo Choir - The name says it all.
10. SMB Bassoon Quartet - The high class kids meet the kids who used to skip class.

As a bonus, I shall pimp my own video, which doesn't really have any sort of amusing name, but involves Zachary Quinto with a British accent, emo!hair, dragon fumes, and Matthew Fox. (Yes, I currently am accepting blood offerings and will have your internet babies. I'm that awesome.)

Mine is a random life.
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In which she can hardly contain herself...


They've finally released the official guest list for this years Star Wars Weekends. The only sad part is that I won't be able to make all four of them. *weep*

Weekend 1: June 1-3 -- Warwick Davis (Wicket W. Warrick (Ewok; EV - ESB), Wald (Rhodian; EI - TPM), and Weazel (podrace spectator; EI - TPM)& Kenny Baker (Artoo Detoo; EI-VI) - The fact that they're having two little people the same weekend is enough to freak me the fuck out. I've met Warwick during the past two years and the man continues to be a living legend. Kenny has also been in countless cult films (all of which I adore), so meeting him would be equally squeetastic.)

Weekend 2: June 8-10 -- Ray Park (Darth Maul; EI - TPM) & Daniel Logan (young Boba Fett; EII - AotC) - While Boba Fett is undeniably one of the coolest Star Wars characters EVAR, young Boba was pretty lame, to say the least. Although meeting Ray would be tres cool, just considering how much of a badass he is. Plus, he's Scottish, which is always a plus!)

Weekend 3: June 15-17 -- Jeremy Bulloch (Capt. Colton; EIII-RotS, Boba Fett; (EV & VI)) & Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca; EIII-VI) - As I said above, Boba Fett is, and always will be, one of the 'most awesomest' characters Star Wars has to offer. So the ability to flaunt the fact that I've met him would knock me way up on the coolest scale. And do I need to say anything about Chewie? If anything, it'll only makes that song from Clerks all the more real. Not only that, but this particular Weekend also happens to end on my birthday. And seriously, how cool of a present would that be?!

Weekend 4: June 22-24 -- Anthony Daniels (See Threepio (EI-VI) & Bonnie Piesse (young Beru Whitesun/Lars; EII & III) - To me, Beru don't mean shit. Just another one of those prequel things that never struck my interest. But Anthony fucking Daniels?! Of all six films, not only is he the only actor who's performance can actually be seen onscreen (no offense to K Baker), but he's the only one who I still crush on! (And not just on the character (though Threepio is one of my all time favorites), but on him personally. The man is pretty damn hot for a little old Brit. (And still in reasonable good shape!) He's just so adorable, I want to take him home!

ION, since I've recently upgraded my ass to a paid account (omgyay!), this poor bitch needs some (read a lot) more icons. So if you chikas can point me towards some good ones (pretty much any fandom will work) I would be eternally grateful.
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In which she thinks things may be looking a little better...

Item One: Halloween problem has been (mostly) solved. Not only have I settled on a costume (the one and only Indiana Jones is you must know), but I pretty much have the entire costume done (in both the funds and time spent are in smaller increments than last year!). The thing that stokes me the most is that I got a very accurate jacket for only 32 USD. (Pics of the finished get-up should be coming along shortly.) Is it not sweet, my homes? Only piece mising is a handgun and matching holster, circa mid-to-late 1930s-ish. (Or something like that.) Methinks I should find me some toy stores.
Item One Point Five: While I'm on the subject of costumes, news is to be made that I've procured a way cooler pirate sword than I had before. Much longer (Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say no more.), much sexier, and definitely deserving an all caps BADASS. Pics of this will also soon be along.

Item Two: Does anyone else think that TV Land's Weekend Long "Three's Company" Marathon is the greatest thing in the world? Because seriously, you can never have enough John Ritter, (though any Suzanne Somers is too much). Come on, knock on my door, fools.

Item Three: In a slightly more serious note, my dad is making see some not-so-resume-friendly doctors, to help me start feeling more like I used to be before I was eight. Now, the thyroid doc isn't really a problem (although she says my thyroid is so insignificantly out of whack that it "wouldn't be worth" trying to fix, and (from the way she says it) totally not worth the pain and discomfort I'd be in for. (And believe you me, after my jaw surgery came out being nowhere near worth the pain I get everyday from it (three years after the fact), let's just say I've had it with doing "the right thing" for my health. I'll take "Screw It, I'll Just Learn to Leave Well Enough Alone" for a thousand, Alex.
What really gets me is that he's got me seeing both a psychologist and a psychiatrist. So it's not just my state of mind (which would be something I could learn to deal with on my own), but my state of brain (meaning I'm so effed up I need drugs to think for me). Nice.

Item Four: I think I'm gonna write a musical version of Star Wars. Any takers on doing a collaboration?
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In which she tries not to get her hopes too far up...

I must say thanks to you all for sneding sending me the goodvibes. While I still haven't heard from that one girl, I've gotten at best four other serious offers today alone.

Three of them aren't all that far from here, over in the college district near UCF (University of Central Florida) and VCC (Valencia Community College). One is a 5/3 with 3 rooms available at $475/mo & $100 deposit, the second is a 3/2.5 for $400/mo and a $400 dep. (steep, me thinks), and the third is a 3/3 for $475/mo and a (*gulp*) $500 security dep. I shouldn't have to do any highway driving to get to those, just city streets, and their about 20 or so minutes away, depending on traffic. I'm hoping that these will only be back-up plans. (No offense to any students out there, but let's face it, college kids can get puh-ritty damn crazy, and the last thing I need is to be living in a house full of them.)

The fourth is a bit of a drive, over in Winter Garden ('bout 23 miles west of here, give or take). Accounting for traffic (and the fact that I'm not at all familiar with the area) that should make anywhere between a 30-45 minute drive. Though this seems like the most problematic choice, given that I have to move all my stuff in my tiny little Korean made car, it's so far the only one where I've actually talked to the person letting it out.

The girl seemed pretty nice over the phone, said it was just her four cats, one dog, and herself in a 2/1 condo/townhouse. (It also kinda helps that so far it's the cheapest: only $400/mo and a $100 deposit. Don't know anything about whether or not the utilities are included or extra, yet.) Anyhoo, I'll be meeting her at a nearby restaurant and then following her over to her house. Wish me some more of that luck, ladies! (And, uh, the very few gents out there. *squints*)

[EDIT: If these NASA fucks don't go through with the launch tomorrow, sum-unns gonna be freakin' pissed! And I seriously hope that I'm back east enough by that time (3:49 pm EDT) to either: a) make the actual launch (doubtfully, although since I've never seen one live it would kick some mighty ass); or b) at least be able to see/make out the con-trail from my relatives house. But I'm hopin' on (a)!]

[EDIT NO.2: Sorry, but I couldn't resist myself. The following is ganked from swizzzlesticks:
'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com
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In which she desperately needs her sleep...

So the answer is yes, working 15-hour+ days (8 am-11:30 pm) is not fun. But hey, I need to kiss as much ass as I can right now, if I'm gonna get the week before Memorial Day off. Plus, Brownie Points never hurt anybody. and I kinda need the OT pay.

Now, if only I could finish this costume.

[Edit: I'm working on a new stamping comm. (not up yet), so pass the word along to anyone who might be addicted interested.]
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In which she puts herself out on loan...

So I figured I try out this Sponsored+ membership. The ads aren't too, too annoying, and hey, more icons. 'Cause, you know, I'd sell my third testicle for more icons. Hells yeah, I would.

ION, my Jedi costume seems to be coming along slowly (which, of course, is due to the fact that I'm stitching together this mother by hand), but overall pretty well; right now I'm mainly concentrating on the tabards.

(Sweet wounded Jesus, you have no idea what the word "tabard" does to me. *creams pants* I just can't help but start singing "His Name is Lancelot", which then gets me going off on "Jedi Kaaaaaa-niggits!", which of course, then send me on another tangent thinking of Charred-Torso Anakin (with Bitching Action!) raving about how it's "only a flesh-wound". OMG, Star Wars and 'Monty Python' are the truest OTP of all time.)

Now, which of my 15 fucking icons to use?