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wedding = December ring

In which she is bizzay...

Today was a big day in terms of getting ready for the big day. First off, we went over to Michael's where I got my cake topper and a piece of ribbon/string that matches my sash (this way hopefully Publix will be able to match the cake icing).

Speaking of cakes, right now we're torn between this one (minus the flower spray on top with our topper and changing the colors around some) and this one (instead using our topper and changing the icing roses to something else, plus adding some possible color). Which brings me to this...


Which cake do YOU prefer?

The greenish one!
The ivory-ish one!
Whichever one has chocolate!


After Michael's we moseyed on over to Sam's Club where we priced out most of what we'll need for the reception (disposable plates, cups, napkins, silverware, stuff to make hot chocolate mix, a s'mores bar, frozen wings, bacon, baked beans, beer, etc.). (Luckily Josh's mom is friends with everyone at a diner nearby, and they're going to let us use they're deep fryer to cook all our wings (60 lbs and all!) for just $50.)

Then just a bit ago I ordered our cake cutlery and toasting glasses, which should hopefully arrive soon. (I originally wanted this set because its less formal and more fun, but I was talked out of it since the other set matches my flowers.) (Speaking of which, Josh's Aunt Nancy is working away at helping us get the flowers made and MAN are they looking good!) (Btw, whoever invented fake flowers is a fucking genius and deserves a hug.)

I leave you with this: GHETTO BLASTER
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In which she gets whats hers and wears it too...

Going to the only store that sells jeans that actually fit correctly, even though they usually go for something like 2 pairs for $50-$60?

Sucks, but you gotta do it.

Going to the same store, and getting two pairs of jeans but somehow only spending $26 AFTER TAX??


Now, if only the rest of the world would come to the realization that skinny jeans are without a doubt the ugliest thing in the history of EVER and just bring me my damn bootcut. Seriously.
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In which she is here to prove that she has not left (or something like that)...

One thing that makes me all :333 over JG: Whilst joking around the other day, he started dry humping my leg, all the while saying "CALL ME MISTER MUGGLES!" XDDDDDDDDD (I guess this would make me Lyle, y/n? All we need is a Peter and we're ready to go!)

And now a quick update with items that aren't of any real interest...

~ Have yet to start Christmas shopping. I R SLAKR. HEER ME ROR.
~ Just about done with my mail-out presents. All I really need to finish is some quilt batting. You didn't see that.
~ Bought a real bed (KING SIZE, BITCHES!), because the air mattress... broke wasn't cutting it. New bed is big and comfortable and totally broken in accommodating.
~ Have turned JG on to 'LOST', and have gotten him to watch up through 'House of the Rising Sun'. Hoping to marathon our way through the rest of Season 1 in the next few days.
~ Also considering taking him to meet (some of) the fam on Christmas. Plz kill me nau. :|
~ We have our own oft repeated movie quote catchphrases that have become inside jokes: "I'm gonna butter yo' bread" (Super Troopers FTW) and "Thanks for dancing with me."
~ Speaking of which, Superbad is a flipping fantastic movie. TRUFAX.
~ Have decided to name the puppy (once I get it, of course) McLovin, because Katie wouldn't let me call it my first choice: Noob.

Y'know, I should really start updating regularly again. :|

[EDIT: Christmas-y memes of ROFL below Collapse )
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In which she is perhaps thinking too much into this...

So I had a bit of an apostrophe epiphany idea after last night's Heroes.

Collapse )


...y'know, I may have to write that. O_O

ION, I am OMG SO PROUD of myself because for the first time in I don't even know how long I've bought a pair of shoes that didn't come from Wal*Mart. (On the other hand, the the $90 I spend on ONE CD SET instills my constantly underlying guilt/irresponsibility issues. Oh yippie.)
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In which she is glad to take the edge off...

Smirnoff Twisted V Arctic Berry + Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze = BEST DRINK EVER! Especially after a super-shitty day at work.

Also, my watch decided that today would be a good day for the battery to die, and since I have this weird thing about watches, I figured it was high time I bought a new one. So, after hopping by Wal*Mart on my way home from work, I am now the proud owner of a totally kickass old school Wolverine watch. And look! I decided to use the new co-op thingy LJ has with photobucket and brought you some pics! (Try to ignore how horribly pixelated they are; I took them with my phone.)

Here's a general idea of the watch. The strap is a brown, genuine leather with yellow threading along the edges. On each strap directly off of the watch face is located the classic X-MEN logo, followed by a plastic, bubble-like thingadoo. (The longer strap with all the hole has a small bubble featuring Wolvie's head floating above the X 'circle' logo, and the shorter strap (with the actual buckle) has a longer bubble, with the quote: "It's been a long time since I've been able to cut loose like this--" (done, of course, in classic comics font) layered over a yellow two-tone full-body image of Wolvie.) Also, there is the Marvel Comics logo located on the band used to hold the extra length of strap down.

Here's the actual watch face. It's pretty self explanatory: square in shape, featuring Wolve's ever-grimacing face over a field of yellow and blue. Though it kinda looks gold in the picture, all the metal work is silver; and the "main" numbers (3, 6, 9, and 12) are done in a font similar to what you see spray painted on wooden crates for labeling purposes. (The other numbers are represented by small silver bullets.)

Finally, here's the watch actually being worn, more for scale than to showcase my hand-modeling skills. (I leave George Costanza in charge of that department.) I just love how gloriously oversized it is!
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In which she feels somewhat accomplished...

So that yearly tradition known as Christmas shopping has begun once again. At least this year I've started somewhat earlier than I have in years past, (i.e., in '03 I did all my shopping in one night at Target, with a budget of about forty dollars). To the moon, Alice, to the moon!

Of course, I've only bought one gift so far, (for penguita, who refuses to use the LJ I went to the trouble of making for her), unless you count the calendar, three/four books (Peter Pan, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass), Labyrinth poster, and Say Anything... t-shirt I bought myself. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for impulse buying.

And Giovanni Ribisi, especially if he plays a helplessly adorable geek like in Sky Captain, which is so my new favourite movie. Alert the Amphibious Squad!

[Edit: You can all thank pdxcainite for this awesome Kill Bill-age. *has a new addiction*]