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Weird Al = George Michael's butt

In which she jumps to the point...


On my end...
1., Had first gyno visit. (I am pussy (LITERALLY). Hear me roar.)
2., Now I get to enjoy the wonderfulness of having a biopsy performed on my boobie. YAY BIG HOLLOW NEEDLES POKING AROUND IN MY TENDERS!
3., Did I mention that this computer is SUPER BITCHING?????
4., Going to Disney for little sister's birthday (along with older sister, slantedsunlight, and the sexy man beast) on Thursday. YAY DISNEY!
5., Bowling on a Wii is fun. Seriously.
6., Amy Adams = CUTEST PERSON/PLACE/THING EVER. I want one for my own.
7., My birthday is soon, and thus I will shortly be older... and singing a certain TMBG song without end.
8., After a year and a half hiatus, and recovering from the shock that I still remember how, I'm reading again. Yaaaaay books.
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In which she needs a hobby, new or not...

You know that feeling you get when you're really bored, like super bored, and you can only really think of one thing to do to relieve the boredom, but you're kind of hesitant because it's not really something your particularly skilled at and don't have that great of a grip on, and you're pretty sure it's not really gonna work out in the end anyway, and run-on sentences are fun, and eeuuuuuuuuunnnggghh...???

Yeah, pretty much me right now.

My dilemma stems from a not-so-sudden lack of things to do. Josh and I always have conflicting hours with work, it's too far of a drive for me to go chill with my sister, and the money for anything else just doesn't exist.

So I got to thinking: THE INTERNET. It's a pretty damn big place. There are always happening things to do, all while sitting in the comfort of your home, still dressed in your jimjams and likely pigging out on various foods of junk-like quality. Perhaps I should *insert my cringing here* JOIN AN RP.

For the record, I have nothing against RPs, or the people who play them (whether casually or extensively), or anything else about them. I only mentioned my inner cringe because I've never been a very good RPer. I can write a character and get into the given situation without much problem. The thing that gets me all "Brain! No work! Hurrrrrrr..." is all the different technicalities involved in the whole thing.

Tagging? Pretty much just commenting back and keep the thread active, right? I can get that. But logs? WTF IS THAT? Plus, I totally plead guilty to being absolute shit when it comes to actually starting threads. Like I said, "hurrrrrrrr". So...

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In which she rants AND raves...

So I wake up two days ago feeling extremely waterlogged, but otherwise normal. Now, other than the requisite showering on a regular basis, I haven't been in the water since Fourth of July weekend when I drove up to Tallahassee for a few days, so I have no idea a bit of an idea (which is along the lines of TMI, and also makes no sense) as to why I felt waterlogged, but whatevs. Point is, not all was dandy in AmyLand.

Later that same day, it felt like my left eye socket was bruised. Which again, didn't make sense because One) I sleep on an air mattress, and Two) if not there, I'm sleeping on the biggest, softest, and most comfortable couch in all of couchdom! So WHY WAS IT HURTING?!

As luck would have it, the pain started to spread to other parts of my face, namely the upper jaw around the sinuses, which led me to believe that there must be a low pressure system nearby that was fucking around with me and I should just take a few Aleve and all would be well.


That night I come home from work, plop down in front of the computer, and lo and behold! my nose is running. (Great fucking timing, immune system.)

Long story short, I now find myself surrounded by lemon-lime Gatorade (drink of teh GODS!), two bags of Riccola (which I expect to run out of shortly), a box of Tylenol Sinus Rapid Release (sadly, I can't take any because I haven't eaten, there is no food in the apartment, and empty stomach + medicine = NO BUENO), and a box of Puffs. (Side note: Whoever had the idea to manufacture Puffs with Vicks VapoRub freakin' built into it is a goddamn GENIUS. Somebody hand that man a Nobel Prize, kthnxbai.)

Oh, what a fun time this shall be! [/sarcasm] I just really want to throw up, but I CAN'T! And every time I cough it feels like I'm going to puke so basically my body is just pointing it's index finger in my face and yelling "PSYCH!" at the top of it's lungs.

Luckily, I have the next two days off of work to recuperate, but that's the time I was going to use to get the CDs for the exchange meme done, and dammit it hurts(!) to look at the monitor right now. So, it may be a while before I can get those out. Sorry 'bout that. (Though I can still listen to the invisible CD chrryblssmninja put together for me, and use the old paper/pen technique (if I can find them O_O) to see how that works out. Not all is forsaken! Plus, there is PORN that needs to be written!)

In the meantime, you can entertain yourselves by taking a look at the Heroes Family Tree that cazrolime and lienne put together (scroll down near the bottom of the comments for an even funnier more complete version), and/or jump in on hymenchan's Music Sharing Meme I. You know you want to. [/pimp]

I should get some more sleep, but I had over 14 hours of it last night and frankly, I'm bored as hell. I should really get some food. ._.

[EDIT: Umm, pieces of my throat are flaking off. Is that normal? @_@]
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In which she gives herself some sage advice...

Note to self:

Next time you're hungry and decide to heat up a frozen Totino's pizza, take it out using a fucking oven mitt, you dumb cunt. You're not Claire.

No love,


ION, I think I may be developing a fangirly crush on Eli Roth. I have no idea where that came from. O_O

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In which she suddenly has numerous things to accomplish...

First off, I got more porn. senor_coconut_1 was kind/awesome enough to write me Alejandro/Derek (which SHAME ON YOU, FANDOM, FOR NOT WRITING THIS SOONER!). There is crack (which is expected, given that the prompt I gave her was "prison wife"), and some mighty hiLARious Spanish going on. I highly recommend it.

While we're on the topic, WHY has no one written Linderman/McSorley, yet? You're really slacking these days, fandom. *waggles finger*

Next topic of discussion, ZOMG TAM I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!!!! *EPIX FLAILZ0RZ* I shall analyze the track list shortly (as soon as I stop ROFLing from it, LMAO). Also, I ACCEPT YOUR OFFER/CHALLENGE! Again, as soon as I stop laughing uncontrollably from what I have, I shall begin work on it. *breaks out THE LIST and ponders*

Item the Third, this being Monday, it is both 'Chuck' and 'Heroes' night! \o/ I missed posting my metas this past week (Y HALO DAR STRESS!), but hopefully I'll be able to do them this time around. If only I weren't scheduled for six tomorrow morning, I'd have 'em up tonight.

Item the Third Point Five: 'Chuck' fans! Join chuck_meta! I'd really like to get it going ASAP and I can only do it if there are people willing to participate!

Fourth matter for today, although more stress is NOT what I need at the moment (and my writing powhurz are currently devoted to hymenchan's Evil Purposes), I find myself just ACHING to jump in on the current challenge at rare_heroes. I've already got my pairing(s) and basic storyline down (Muggles/Queequeg, with a side order of Bennet/Mulder, anyone?), so really all I have to do is put it down. But... We'll see.

Fifthly (and lastly), I had a dream last night that, while it was one of the best dreams I've had in a LONG TIME (and also one of the most... graphic :| ) and possibly may have been caused by the level of alcohol in my system, it's probably going to do more damage than good in the long run, coming from a purely emotional/mental POV. Which (once again!) is high up on my DO NOT NEED/WANT list.

And that's that.

[EDIT: ROFL Monty. XD]
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In which she would like another, ma'am. Thank you...


Okay people, I had an idea. An idea that was, yes, totally mine and I can (unfortunately) blame no one else for it.

I have no idea where said idea came from, what brought it up, or whatever. It was just there.

I need you to convince me out of going through with said idea. Due to the fact that said idea is something that in no one's eyes but my own is likely to make a freakin' huge dumb ass out of myself, with lots of *headdesk*ing and *facepalm*ing involved.

Tell me "No". Say "Don't do it". "It'll never work." "X, Y, and Z clearly state that this is NO BUENO." "Dude, you know you can't ______ worth shit."

Something along those lines. (Or feel free to be creative! :D)

Should I mention that the one person who I did explain all of this to immediately reacted with "AWW, NO WAY! OMG YOU HAVE TO!"

Note: This is nothing really major, just me overreacting to stupid, menial shit again.
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In which she does an obligatory filler post because HELL'S COMIN' WITH ME!...

Extremely shitty week of DOOME slightly improved by THIS golden nugget of fuck. I swear IMDboards, most of the time you have no fucking clue what you're talking about, but every now and then the stupid clouds part and a teeny ray of something like this shines through.

Unfortunately, it also put me in the mood for some hot Wyatt/Doc fic, which sadly seems not to exist. (Even more unfortunate, there isn't enough alcohol in the world to make me write it.)

Although in the meantime I suppose I could...
~ Get a life (haven't found one in the past 22 years, probably not gonna find one now)
~ Stop being stupid (see above)
~ Find a piratey bar to party at move into Wednesday night (also unlikely, as I'm too much of a loser to go to a bar by myself and will just probably sit at home (by myself) and drink, minus piratey speech and/or dress)
~ Figure out a way to explain me NOT attending my dad's 60th birthday party Thursday (probably use work as an excuse; on top of everything else, I just don't need the stress right now)
~ Sleep, because I kinda have work in a few hours (although God knows I won't be getting any worthwhile rest)

[EDIT: And when the FUCK did I get a blood blister on my hand?! *growl*]