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Muppets = Kermit flail

In which she wants more than just a hippo...

In lieu of a realistic Christmas wish list, I bring you my fantasy wish list. With varying degrees of fantasy.

Shirts for the TRUE music nerd. I'd say my favorites are the Giacchino one and "Film Composers Know How to Score". Y'know, because it's so true.

Speaking of nerdy!cool shirts... SKYNET. I wants it, precious.

~ Captain Eo props FTMFW!
~ Oh, look! It's Grays Sports Almanac. AND ITS ONLY $2000 BUCKAROOS!
~ The Nazis would LOVE to get their hands on this.

And in non-Christmas fantasy news (OR IS IT?!), Evan Rachel Wood has been officially cast as MJ in Julie Taymor's Broadway treatment of Spider-Man. So to recap, Julie Taymor is directing, Bono is doing the music, and now ERW is the female lead. Whose dick do I have to suck in order for Jim Sturgess to play Peter? Or for that matter, Joe Anderson to play Harry??
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In which she would like to know if she's the only one NOT on drugs...

Discussion time. Today's topic: CRACKTACULAR CASTING RUMORS. Join in the crack, y/y?

Poll #1268314 Cracktastic Casting FTW

Which of these casting choices makes the least sense...

Brandon routh/Justin Long = BUTT BUDDIES 4LYFE??
Dude, these are freakin' genius!
Each and every one of these make me want to cry.

If you chose 'other', do you have something even crackier? Can ya share??

[EDIT: It took me years (and I do mean YEARS), but I finally managed to find a copy of Alice Cooper singing 'Herod's Song' from Jesus Christ Superstar on LimeWire. *is way beyond happy* Now, if only I can find Jack Black's version, I'll be fucking fanTASTIC! Unfortunately, all I can come up with is this.]
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In which she hails The New Flesh...

There are absolutely no words (NONE!) that can possibly describe just how much I'm dying to see this. Anyone who can work their internets-fu and find me a demo recording will be the recipient of lots and lots of, well... SOMETHING.

Because seriously. JUST LOOK AT THE STILLS!

Also, I know there's at least one other Jeff Wayne fangirl out there besides me *throws shifty glances towards cazrolime*, so if anyone knows where I can find a recording of this little number, I'd be eternally grateful.

Not to mention a whole mess of other stuff, but that's for another time and day. *coughGLOCKNERcough* (As always, feel free to ask for anything from TEH LIST. There are some new items that have recently been added to the collection, I just haven't had a chance to catalog them all yet.)

ION, I'm kinda bored. Any good memes floating around? </sarcasm>
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In which she has just a few items of business...

First off, question time. Do any of you have any good/okay/mediocre/acceptable/WHATEVER ideas for vacations/vacation spots - wait for it - TO GO TO BY YOURSELF?! I mean, I get two weeks paid vacation every year, I can take them together or separately depending on what I want, and really, I have no one to go with/take along. I know it's a little early in terms of "the year" according to Publix (technically, it hasn't even started yet), but I'd like to get something planned ASAP so that I have enough time to save up money.

I'd like to go out-of-state (I've lived in Florida my ENTIRE LIFE, and as any most of the natives will tell you, it is NOT the perfection that the rest of the world makes it out to be), but just WHERE is a mystery. Preferably someplace so completely different from everything and just... not Florida. (While I'd love to go someplace out of the country, I seriously doubt the likelihood of that happening due to: 1, I'm too poor/cheap; 2, no passport/it takes forever to get one; 3, except for English the only other language I speak is (I kid you not) Pig Latin, only I'm extremely rusty with it; and 4, did I mention I'll likely be travelling ALONE?)

So suggestions? Brainstorms? Cookies?

Also, summin' needs to hook a sister up with what happened during the live episode of 'Ghost Hunters' last night as it's totally my guilty pleasure I seem to have missed a large portion of it. Basically, I watched from a little after 11 up until 1:30 or so. Anything good before/after that? Should I even bother with next weeks results show? Did Grant get nekkid?

Next, yes, I realize I've been over-relying on memes for content lately. I beg your mercy, good Ellejai, it has been slow quiet uneventful very very blaaaaaaah around here lately. So until things pick-up, memes it will be. This one comes from jadeblood...

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And you would not BELIEVE how hard it is to find a good/amusing remix for "Don't Tase Me, Bro!" Granted, there are a few that are highly chuckle worthy (most notably "U Can't Tase This", and OMG look there's even a folk song version (ahh, the memories)), but nothing truly A-MAZING, worth the effort of ripping the mp3 file to my hard drive. I'm almost ashamed of you, internet. You bring me the endless joy of the Picard Song, and countless remixes of "United States of Whatever", and yet this gets practically nothing? Bad form.

However, that doesn't stop me from wanting one ALL of these shirts.

ION, I have a new obsession with Smile. Anyone who wants the demo recording (since there never was any sort of cast album) can see me. (Because Jeff McCarthy and Jodi Benson are love. But... not together. ._.)

And because it's obvious that I currently have absolutely no idea how to organize thoughts into any kind of proper format, THIS makes my inner Misty all sorts of happy. And seriously, and anything new-ish come out about 1-18-08 in the past few months, because I would REALLY like to know what is going on with the project. Or at least they can come out and say that the monster is Cthulu (or some variant of) already. O_O

I kind of feel like RPing maybe?
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In which she has put this off long enough...

Since I never actually got a chance to do a proper recap of the Life Changing Trip ’07, or the New York leg of the HWT for that matter, and it’s been like, TWO MONTHS and counting since those things have passed, I figured it was high time I get it done. So sit back, relax, and pray to whichever benevolent superbeing you pray to that this will make sense.

...unless of course your superbeing of choice is Xenu or Cthulu, who, I’m sure you’re all aware, aren’t exactly on the benevolent side of things, but are hepcats nonetheless.

Anyway, this turned out to be much longer than I had anticipated, so I'll probably end up dedicating an entire post to each day. Luckily, this first one is light on the images, since I didn't whip out my camera at that point, but I'll make up for it by posting images of tickets of various sorts, and other miscellany. Once the actual pictures kick-in in the upcoming entries, I shall hereby dub these posts NOT DIAL-UP FRIENDLY, at which point there will be much public shunning of all who lack high-speed internet. (Shun the nonbeliever! Shuuuuun!) That said, on with the show!

Day One – Saturday August 25, 2007
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More later.
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In which she has nothing of real importance, so YouTube will take over...

(Whether or not you may have seen this already, it's pure gold, so it deserves much pimpage.)

It's the cast of the '05 Sweeney Todd revival performing their parody of Queen's 'Bohemian rhapsody' (which they've dubbed 'Rhapsody in Blood') at the 2006 Easter Bonnets. Manoel's facial expressions are made of tangible LAWLS (Manoel/Kensei OTP, y/n?), and I love that so very, very much.

I want that hat bonnet.
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In which she is a lot poorer all of a sudden...

It's official.

Across the Universe is the best movie I had seen this year. Like, you guys have no fucking clue how much I am in love with it, Jim Sturgess, and Joe Anderson. (And for some crazy unknown reason, I find myself shipping Jude/Max Jax.)

Aside from it having the most awesome audio track EVAR (I mean, the fucking Beatles are THE GREATEST ROCK GROUP OF ALL TIME, Y/Y?), there are wonderfully underplayed visual and spoken goodies for the fans. Like an Apple reference, or when Sadie comments that Max could've killed his grandmother with a hammer (we later see Max with a hammer, asldfjhlasdfjh), or again when Sadie asks where a character came from and Jude replies "she came in from the bathroom window", and OH MY GOD I could just go on and on.

My only complaint is that the soundtrack is too short and is missing some awesome songs. But HOMG I flailed madly when I heard underscore of 'A Day In the Life'. FLAILED MADLY, Y'HERE!

Julie Taymor, you are now my current Hero of the Moment. You need to do more movie musicals, kthnxbai.

That, and I finally have copies of The Children of Hurin, the OBCR of 'Peter Pan' (ILU Mary Martin...so long as you're not Mr. B Natural @_@ ), and 'Parade', which I've had for a while thanks to prying_pandora but now I have it on CD with the case and pictures and askdjfhaskdfjlh.

For those curious, I also chicken shitted my way out of sekrit idea!plan. Because I am a chicken shit. It is what I do.