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In which she gets whats hers and wears it too...

Going to the only store that sells jeans that actually fit correctly, even though they usually go for something like 2 pairs for $50-$60?

Sucks, but you gotta do it.

Going to the same store, and getting two pairs of jeans but somehow only spending $26 AFTER TAX??


Now, if only the rest of the world would come to the realization that skinny jeans are without a doubt the ugliest thing in the history of EVER and just bring me my damn bootcut. Seriously.
Muppets = Kermit flail

In which she wants more than just a hippo...

In lieu of a realistic Christmas wish list, I bring you my fantasy wish list. With varying degrees of fantasy.

Shirts for the TRUE music nerd. I'd say my favorites are the Giacchino one and "Film Composers Know How to Score". Y'know, because it's so true.

Speaking of nerdy!cool shirts... SKYNET. I wants it, precious.

~ Captain Eo props FTMFW!
~ Oh, look! It's Grays Sports Almanac. AND ITS ONLY $2000 BUCKAROOS!
~ The Nazis would LOVE to get their hands on this.

And in non-Christmas fantasy news (OR IS IT?!), Evan Rachel Wood has been officially cast as MJ in Julie Taymor's Broadway treatment of Spider-Man. So to recap, Julie Taymor is directing, Bono is doing the music, and now ERW is the female lead. Whose dick do I have to suck in order for Jim Sturgess to play Peter? Or for that matter, Joe Anderson to play Harry??

In which she knows what she wants (and she wants it NOW!)...

Christmas is coming. Unsure of what to get me? Need ideas? I CAN HAZ ECTO?!

From Screamscape Dot Com:

Park News - (10/8/08) Universal Studios Florida fans who miss the old Ghostbusters show may want to sit up and take notice. The Ghostbusters ECTO-1 used at the theme park is currently up for sale on Ebay. According to the description, the studio only authorized three of these made, two to be used in the films and this one built exclusively for Universal Studios Florida. The bidding is already up to $45k right now and ends on October 11th.

You know, with all the rumors flying around about the possibilities of a third Ghostbusters movie going into some form of production, this could be a VERY hot commodity.

But if money is an issue, these sweet babies will suffice.

ION, whilst horsing around I managed to cut a huge raggedy gash in my gums.

Using my fingernail.

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In which she asks you to show her your goods...


I caved, and went back to a paid account. True, it's not necessarily the kind of thing I should be spending my money on right now, but I really missed having all the userpics, and those ads were just WAY too annoying, and the sale was almost up, and short story even shorter, YES. PAID IS BACK.


Point me in the direction of icons. I've got spaces to fill!
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In which she was kind of hoping for more...

This has got to be, hands down and without a doubt, one of, if not THE most boring tropical storm EVAR. (I take that back. Fay earns the second most boring storm of all time award, while first place is awarded to Frances a few years back, when, even though the storm had stalled off coast, pretty much everything was closed. At least right now stores and such are open, and I'm still expected in a work. Yay.)

Now I'm not saying I want some batshit crazyass fucking WEATHER, but y'know, some wind couldn't hurt either. The eye-wall has pretty much been sitting directly over the New Smyrna/Edgewater area ALL DAY, and during this time has somehow managed to do absolutely nothing other than be a little damp. Not wet, soaked, or drenched. Not even soggy. Just damp. Slightly moist.

Sad to say, a small art of me I was really hoping that we'd get just one crazy strong gust of wind to come along and land a tree on top of my car. Or perhaps just flip it over. At least total it. Just so I wouldn't have to pay to rebuild my transmission. Because I'm lazy. And poor. And supremely cheap.

And unfortunately not lucky enough to have some random person come along and steal it. D:

ION, "I'm not gay, my boyfriend is." XDDDDDD
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In which she is perhaps thinking too much into this...

So I had a bit of an apostrophe epiphany idea after last night's Heroes.

Collapse )


...y'know, I may have to write that. O_O

ION, I am OMG SO PROUD of myself because for the first time in I don't even know how long I've bought a pair of shoes that didn't come from Wal*Mart. (On the other hand, the the $90 I spend on ONE CD SET instills my constantly underlying guilt/irresponsibility issues. Oh yippie.)
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In which she has put this off long enough...

Since I never actually got a chance to do a proper recap of the Life Changing Trip ’07, or the New York leg of the HWT for that matter, and it’s been like, TWO MONTHS and counting since those things have passed, I figured it was high time I get it done. So sit back, relax, and pray to whichever benevolent superbeing you pray to that this will make sense.

...unless of course your superbeing of choice is Xenu or Cthulu, who, I’m sure you’re all aware, aren’t exactly on the benevolent side of things, but are hepcats nonetheless.

Anyway, this turned out to be much longer than I had anticipated, so I'll probably end up dedicating an entire post to each day. Luckily, this first one is light on the images, since I didn't whip out my camera at that point, but I'll make up for it by posting images of tickets of various sorts, and other miscellany. Once the actual pictures kick-in in the upcoming entries, I shall hereby dub these posts NOT DIAL-UP FRIENDLY, at which point there will be much public shunning of all who lack high-speed internet. (Shun the nonbeliever! Shuuuuun!) That said, on with the show!

Day One – Saturday August 25, 2007
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More later.
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In which she is just looking for filler, both for LJ and her own life...

Acted like a moron and spent somewhere in the neighborhood of a hundred and fifty bucks that I don't actually have :| on DVDs this past week.

Which means I'll be spending the night with Optimus Prime, King Louie, the Winchester bros and a six pack or two.

Should make for one craaaaaaaaaazy rumpus.

I love that word.
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In which she is a lot poorer all of a sudden...

It's official.

Across the Universe is the best movie I had seen this year. Like, you guys have no fucking clue how much I am in love with it, Jim Sturgess, and Joe Anderson. (And for some crazy unknown reason, I find myself shipping Jude/Max Jax.)

Aside from it having the most awesome audio track EVAR (I mean, the fucking Beatles are THE GREATEST ROCK GROUP OF ALL TIME, Y/Y?), there are wonderfully underplayed visual and spoken goodies for the fans. Like an Apple reference, or when Sadie comments that Max could've killed his grandmother with a hammer (we later see Max with a hammer, asldfjhlasdfjh), or again when Sadie asks where a character came from and Jude replies "she came in from the bathroom window", and OH MY GOD I could just go on and on.

My only complaint is that the soundtrack is too short and is missing some awesome songs. But HOMG I flailed madly when I heard underscore of 'A Day In the Life'. FLAILED MADLY, Y'HERE!

Julie Taymor, you are now my current Hero of the Moment. You need to do more movie musicals, kthnxbai.

That, and I finally have copies of The Children of Hurin, the OBCR of 'Peter Pan' (ILU Mary Martin...so long as you're not Mr. B Natural @_@ ), and 'Parade', which I've had for a while thanks to prying_pandora but now I have it on CD with the case and pictures and askdjfhaskdfjlh.

For those curious, I also chicken shitted my way out of sekrit idea!plan. Because I am a chicken shit. It is what I do.
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In which she needs to get into the spirit...

It's come to my attention that Halloween is fast approaching, and I find myself seriously lacking in the costume ideas department. Much as I loved last year's costume (Indiana Jones (which reminds me that I need to take some pictures of it)), I need something new. I was considering my pirate costume again (since no one at my current store has seen the Awesome), but methinks it may be too hot/uncomfortable to work in this time (this is a much busier store than my last one). There's also my unused ideas from last year, namely Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane, Joan of Arc, and Amelia Earhart. (Plus, there's the costume I stole got from my sister that she made for herself a few years ago. I was originally going to use it for my 'Who Wants To Be A Superhero?' audition tape, but seeing as I never actually got around to doing that...)

Only thing is, resources are going to be a little short this year, particularly in the funds department. While I'm making over two dollars more per hour than I was this time last year, I've just spent 600+ dollars (that I don't really have) to go to the HWT (which, btw, is in OMG FIVE DAYS ALAKSJDHFLAKSDJHFASDF). Not that I'm complaining or anything, because I'm totally not, but... Funds are tight. Especially if Katie and I are going to be taking Timmy to Not-So-Scary.

Which brings me to the fact that I have the opportunity to do TWO different costumes. So yes, ideas/suggestions/etc. are very appreciated at this point. (That means I want you people to give me suggestions.) I typically don't do "generic" type costumes (i.e., fairies, witches, angels, princesses, etc.; I prefer to do specific characters), being offbeat (or at least not overly cliched) helps, as long as its still recognizable, and the geekier the better. Also, anything with a short skirt is automatically out of the question, because I just don't have the self esteem for it. (In case it helps, I also prefer to make/piece together my own costume, rather than buying those ghetto!cheap costumes-in-a-bag. Basically, anything under a hundred dollars is doable.)

ION, I should be getting the two shirts (the first in the blue sleeve option) I ordered for the HWT either tomorrow (YAY MONDAYS!) or Tuesday, depending on what time UPS decides to show up. I would've gotten them Friday, but they came by the apartment while Katie and I were both at work. But soon, they will be mine. *ACKLES*

And... was I the only person in Florida who didn't realize there was a Hurricane out there? Honestly, I didn't know there had been ANY named storms this season. I guess that shows how much I watch TV when all my shows are on hiatus.