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In which she wants a TurboMan, more than anything...

Holy Former-child-actor, Batman! They've announced the guest celebs for SWW #2, (finally)! Too bad they kinda suck like a dead star. I mean, hurrah for sound editors and everything, but just because Matthew Wood was the voice of Grievous isn't gonna make me wanna see him. ('Cause, y'know, Greivous was totally lame with that chronic asthma thing. Now if they got Ray Park it'd be a different story, because let's face it: there is none more bad-ass than Darth Maul... 'Cept maybe Chewie.)

And I can't really decide whether or not I'm excited about Jake Lloyd. I mean, it's like 'Little Ani, "Yippie!"' (sorry, couldn't resist using the most over-used TPM quote out there, or this fantastic icon!). But it's kinda lost his magic, now that he's all old and fat and shit. Although, come to think of it, maybe I can get him to sign something frmo Jingle All the Way (best. movie. EVAR.) instead of TPM. Hahaha, OMG, "Here's to you, Dad" *swigs*

I mean, why couldn't we get Cool (capital 'C' fully-intended) guests, like Weekend #1 (Rick McCallum (producer) and Peter "This-Wookiee's-Gonna-Fuck-Your-Ass-Up!" Mayhew (duh)), or Weekend #3 (Jay Laga'aia (Capt. Typho, but better known as Draco from old Herc/Xena reruns) and Bonnie Maree Piesse (Young Hot Beru minus obligatory blue milk)), or even Weekend #4 (Jeremy Bulloch (the origi-fuckin'-nal Bobba Fett) and Temura Morrison (Jango Fett)). Remusly, man, TWO FETTS IN ONE FUCKING WEEKEND!


...Well, at least I still get to see my darling little Warwick Davis, again. 'Cause Wickett Willow Reepicheep Glimfeather Leprechaun Wald Prof. Flitwick Oberon Marvin all of the above so totally owns all y'all's asses.


In related news, the costumes (well, mine at least) are coming along quite nicely, considering our sewing machine refuses to work so I'm trying to stitch together think-ass rough-spun material from HELL by hand. I should have (some) pics along soon. (And perhaps also of the lightsabre I'm building. 'S'my first, so I'll be happy no matter how shitty it looks.)

Although come to think of it, it'd probably be a lot cheaper/more comfortable/easier/more random-but-completely-appropriate-at-the-same-time to just go in some of my Dad's old Postal uniforms. Once again: Hahaha, OMG, "Here's to you, Dad" *swigs*
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In which she is uberly relieved, and then some...

You know, I had completely forgotten how awesome of a movie Make Mine Music is. It has some of my all-time favorite animated segments ever, like 'All the Cats Join In', 'Peter and the Wolf', 'Casey at the Bat', 'After You've Gone' (with the master, Benny Goodman), 'Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet', plus 'The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met'. Classic, bro.

If you ask me, the whole reason why Disney's animation/film department is in the rut it's in now is because they've left classic storytelling and good ol' fashioned dementedness for marketing to infantile prepubescent kids who have parents with deep pockets. Doesn't anyone else remember when "family entertainment" was actually entertaining to the entire family?

And speaking of Disney:

Ooooomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg. Check it, hoes. My little half-man-but-more-than-a-man will be at all fuckin' four Weekends! Hosting!! *omgwtfsquee* (Now, if only they'd release the rest of the celebs they're getting, I'd be really happy. In the mean time, I'll just keep my fingers crossed that Peter Mayhew and/or (preferably and) Anthony Daniels are somewhere on that list.)

And I was so worried I'd end up missing him this year, since I don't have much choice in which Weekend I'll end up attending. (I'm pretty much limited to the weekend of the 27th, which unfortunately turns out to be Memorial Day weekend, meaning there'll be tourists up the wazoo, there. Reason why it'll have to be then is because it's the only chance I'll have to take _dangerkitty_, between her graduation (and other senior year activities) and birthday, (and while this is just an excuse for me to go to Disney again, I'm using the reasoning that it's her joint graduation/birthday gift).)

Shit, now I got myself all horny for Disney!
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In which she has been stamped a stampy stamp...

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In which she wipes th' seagull poop from th' lass' eye... usin' th' lass' hook hand...

Avast, me hearties, today be International Talk Like a Swashbuckler Tide! An' t` celebrate, I be finally brin`in` ye them pics from 'Star Wars' Weekends I promised ye so very long ago. Thar ar'n't as many as I'd hoped fer, but (most o') t' important ones made 't safely enough.

An' so, without further ado, t' pics be behind Collapse )

Hopefully, i' t'won't take me as long t' put up t' pics from Nay-so-Scary/Alice Cooper.

[Edit: Arr, I jus' remembered that I be havin' t' renew me temp-tag in th' morn'n'.]
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In which she believes she may be in too many fandoms...

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Eerie, Indiana|Mystery Science Theater 3000|24|Arrested Development|Animaniacs|Tiny Toon Adventures

Newsies|The Princess Bride|The Chronicles of Narnia|The Screwtape Letters|Earth's Children|HP Series

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Ted Raimi|Giovanni Ribisi|Nate Richert|Scottish Men|pirates|Nikola Tesla

Music(al) Related
They Might Be Giants|Alice Cooper|Bat Boy: The Musical|BtVS: Once More, with Feeling|Finding Neverland: OST|Newsies: OST|Off Kilter|Seven Nations|'Weird Al' Yankovic|Dirty Rotten Scoundrels|Sheet Music|bagpipes|flutes|piccolos|MP&tHG - Camelot|Into the Woods|Little Shop of Horrors|Spamalot|Carmina Burana|Cirque du Soleil: La Nouba|Fresh Prince themesong

Ariel|Severus Snape|Cedric Diggory|Anakin/Vader|Obi-Wan Kenobi|Knights of the Round Table|Rogue|Boston Legal: Denny Crane|Jack Bauer|Heroes - Isaac Mendez|Heroes - Hiro Nakamura|Heroes - Peter Petrelli|Heroes - Mohinder Suresh|Heroes - All Characters|Heroes - Heroes|Heroes - Claude Raines|Heroes - Sylar|Heroes - Matt Parkman|24 - TONZILLA!... I mean Tony Almeida|24 - Adam Kaufman|24 - Chloe O'Brian|24 - Milo Pressman|LOST - James 'Sawyer' Ford|LOST - Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes|HP - Hufflepuffs|HP - Hufflepuff Quidditch|Heroes - Mr. Muggles|Heroes - Noah Bennet|Heroes - Nathan Petrelli|Saved By the Bell - Screech|Star Trek: The Next Generation - Data

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In which she wishes she could do it again...

So... They've extended Star Wars Weekends for two more weeks. Guests including Amy Allen (otherwise known as everyone's favourite blue-tinted Twi'lek Jedi, Aayla Secura!) and (GIP) Jake Lloyd. (OMG, Ani!)

I mean, meeting Warwick Davis was one thing. One huge, unmistakably cool, one-in-a-lifetime, thing. Don't get me wrong. But... ooh!

Speaking of which, I should have massive pics up from this past weekend soon. Granted, most of them are of Stormtroopers (nuthin' but the best!), I believe there are some of other characters, including R2, Chewie (with a back-mounted 3PO), Kit Fitsto, etc.

But in the mean time, now that I can finally lay my Star Wars obsession in a carbonite-frozen rest, (at least until 2007's 3D release), I have time to focus all my (in)sanity on The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardorbe. Which you know is so totally gonna rock.
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In which she wonders if that Darth Vader guy scared you as much as he did her...

I am now going to vegetate on my couch as I watch all five of the episodic Star Wars entries, and also both Ewok Adventues. (OMG, geek-out!) That is, after I go find copies of the Droids, Ewoks, and Clone Wars cartoons. (OMG, double geek-out!)

And all while munching on official Star Wars Kudos. (OMG, triple geek-out!)

I is pathetic.

And in a wholly-related note, I've had these uncontrollable fits lately where I can't stop doing Bill Murray's old 'Star Wars lounge singer' act. then again, who says I want to stop. Ü
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In which she is tired of playing by the rules of someone else's game...

WTF, I'm cut off front he world for nearly a week and a half and forget about a_licksthemad's birthday, (please, don't divorce me for this)?! Gawd, someone hand me a spatula so I can gouge my brains out through my eye sockets.

And I think we all know by now that Phantom is audible (and visual!) sex on the big screen.

Oh, and why was I given not one, but both Ewok movies as Christmas gifts? Amongst other things that no self-respecting person should be given? Probably because I’m not a self-respecting person.

Would any of you mind if I followed you around tonight?

[Edit: WTF, prying_pandora, Tobey Maguire was in an episode of ‘Eerie, Indiana’?>