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In which she has two rights, followed by one epic wrong...

LJ + alcohol = FUN. Lots of it.

Same with AIM, really. Transcripts don't lie.

You know what would also be lots of fun? Going outside to watch the meteor shower. Only, it's kinda near impossible since living in Florida automatically means that the night sky is overrun with light pollution (the worst kind, IMO) making the chances of actually seeing anything right around the neighborhood of nil. (But I'm not bitter or anything.) Seriously, I think it's been like, 10 years since I've seen so much as a shooting star. D:

Plus, I feel seriously behind in my iconing. My muse is nowhere to be found, (not like I ever had one to begin with, but that is beside the point), and truthfully, I just haven't found anything worth iconing lately, (you give me ideas plz?). Which kinda sucks, because I just stumbled upon the most Obvious And Blatantly In-Your-Face Stockpile Of Filters And Textures Any Iconist Could Ever Need In Their Life I Mean Seriously You Could Make A Bajillion Icons All With Different Filters And Never Run Out EVAR HOLY SHIT WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS BEFORE AND OMGWTF SERIOUSLY CHRIS PLEASE JUST MAKE UP YOUR MIND ABOUT ALL THIS AND ONE WAY OR THE OTHER FRIGGIN' TELL ME ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!

I may be a little wound up at the moment. A day at Disney might be highly beneficial to my stress level. Maybe Tuesday, I think I'm off work.


On the other hand, I have this to brighten me up.

...Now I feel like watching Swing Kids. What I need to be doing is watching more 'Supernatural'. And finishing my laundry. *headdesk*

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In which she takes a sad song and makes it better...

Need I express how much I cannot wait for Across the Universe (Official site here; IMDB page here) to come out? I mean, musical *check*, all Beatles songs *HOMGCHECK*, and directed by alksdjhflaskjdfhaslkdjfh Julie Taymor *biiiiiig effing check*.

I think that now would be a good time for all of us to fangirl over how much Jim Sturgess' singing voice sounds like Ewan McGregor's. y/y?

Also, if any of you can find me the second trailer (featuring a ton of clips from the bowling alley scene and set to the song 'Seen a Face'), please please please link me. And let me know how/when you would like your children from the headline making affair we will have afterwards.

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And w00t! People are actually posting over at noaire! And we've been linked over at ninth_wonders (ROFL, along with the_sc_files (and my 64 Noaire icons). :B).

One more thing before I forget:
HAAAAPPY BERFDAY vespalicious!!1one1
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In which she puts down what needs to be done...

Double-post, w00t!

To-do: (done, in progress, haha yoo is j/k-ing rite?)
1. Laundry
2. RP man_in_glasses some more. With his choppy-sticks.
4. Throw together more icons for my heroes_icons100 challenge.
5. Buy OotP tickets for next week.

7. Shower
8. Throw together driving map/directions for tomorrow.
9. SERIOUSLY, I NEED SLEEP. NO THANKS TO hymenchan, bwhahahabeck, vespalicious, AND jazalove LAST NIGHT. JEESH.
10. Work on teh Het Guide. (Yay!)
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In which she takes over the drivers seat on that previously mentioned charter bus to special hell...

I'm sure by this point a good few of you have seen my cracky as all hell photoshop of Mylar as Beauty and the Beast, (with Pete as Lumiere, Hiro as Cogsworth, Micah as Chip, and Sandra as Mrs. Potts). If you haven't well Collapse )

So what possible reason could I have for posting it again? Well, now I have even more proof of why I should never be allowed near any imaging software for as long as I live. I apologize in advance.

Collapse )

I'm mainly doing this as a form of procrastination until I'm inspired enough to work on my challenge for heroes_icons100. My first batch is due kinda soon, and my icon making muse has so far been utterly AWOL. So I ask you all: INSPIRE ME!
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In which she commands you all to go and spread the love...

Apologies for the lack of updating recently. Things have been a tad on the slow side the past day or two. In fact, I don't really have anything important to say now, other than FIC REC! (I'm sure a few of you have seen this around your flists before, but it's just so good that it needs extra plugging.)

Okay, so for the past few weeks indyhat has been writing this epic Heroes AU set in Holocaust times. (And I do mean epic. Current combined word count is somewhere around 16630. O_O Seriously.) FUCKING HOLOCAUST-ERA HEROES! And it is *insane hand motions* A-mazing! The characters are at once true to the canon, but also distinctly AU version of themselves. Plot points and storyline are also just different enough to work perfectly. Plus, it's Plaude-centric, so YAY! You see? I can do ships other than Mylar and Sylaire! I just don't do it often.

Honestly, its so good that I've been inspired by it to make an entire batch of icons themed towards it. I have never made fic-based icons before. EVER. *points up* See, that's one of 'em! Not my favorite (that spot goes to Gabe) but YELLOW STAR! *flailz because she is shite with ghetto!photoshop*

So, I will link to each chapter, (along with the author's given word count). BECAUSE IT IS THAT GOOD. Spam her with comments of love, because she seriously deserves 'em for this. Oh, and just to cover my own ass, it's mostly rated PG-13, though occasionally it delves into R territory. See the header for each chapter for details.

Safe - by indyhat
Prologue (320)
Chapter 1 (530ish)
Chapter 2 (780ish)
Chapter 3 (700ish)
Chapter 4 (1050ish)
Chapter 5 (800ish)
Chapter 6 (1200ish)
Chapter 7 (1650ish)
Chapter 8 (810ish)
Chapter 9 (950ish)
Chapter 10 (1240ish)
Chapter 11 (730ish)
Chapter 12 (1070ish)
Chapter 13 (quote: "Just north of 2000")
Chapter 14 (1200ish)
Chapter 15 (1000ish)
Chapter 16 (600ish)

And just a fun tidbit, that last chapter is currently my fave. See if you can guess why. *winknudgesaynomore*
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In which she would like express some berfday wishes...

In honor of Zach Quinto turning the big Three Oh, I offer up a craptastic little sketch I doodled this morning at work. I'm actually kinda proud of it, since it only took all of 60 seconds to put down, (after which I stared at it all day, hoping it would come to life; alas, it didn't).

I have to say, I am most pleased with how his nose turned out. I just might have to make an icon out of this.

Collapse )

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZQ! Here's hoping you get your fill of brainz Sendhil crazy-ass fangirl orgies omg, ME whatever it is you wish to get your fill of!
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In which she "is quite anxious to document it"...

Just a few random things, and a crapton of memes...

I. First and foremost I have to say that my firstborn child belongs to 711icons for the above icon. Because, YES, it is (I assume) THAT BIG, and would reach ALL THE WAY UP THERE.

II. Ogodogodogodogodogodogod. Someone over at mylar_fic did a post on nekkid!Sendhil-in-a-wig. Complete with video and stills! *is ded* Okay, why didn't I catch this any sooner?

III. After much procrastination, for multiple reasons, I've decided to opt out on my finale entry for heroes_meta. Mainly, because September 24 is just too far away, and if I do do a meta for the episode, well, it'll just make the end of Vol. I a bit more concrete. *woe*

IV. Another one of those name memes, bummed offa cazrolime. Craziness ensues!
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V. Remember a few weeks ago when I made that loooong meme post with all the haikus? Well, I'm doing it again; 32, this time. Once more, you can direct all blame in cazrolime's direction. *points*
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In which she is inwardly weeping over the prospect of only one more until the fall...

First, I wanna say that this would've been up waaaay earlier, (like shortly after 10 EST), but Katie got home early, and Seth decided to visit, too. And while I'll wholly admit to them that I am the biggest dork alive, I won't make them suffer through my fangirling. At least not until we're at work the next day. :]

And also, before I get into my regularly scheduled rant, I must pass along something I saw on jadeblood's journal: The truth behind the NY Congressional elections. Hana is awesome. I hope she knows this.


OMG zstjhvnlitrh;okgjvnyriawu;tob ahirgjvoimtrcylidruanvwtaletyyv:rBCNT p;q9iyrb eIWEYVN IE:tQ;STY;ABN 'HEROES'?!

Oh. Migawd, you guys. Best episode ever. More what the fucks than 'Five Years Gone', and more oh, no they di'n'ts than 'The Hard Part'. Seriously, kill me now. So, before things start to settle in my brain, and while the glee is still fresh, (and while the ep is still on my DVR) I present this weeks meta, (done for heroes_meta (omg, check them out)! [/shameless plug]). This time, I'll administer a bit of a warning, for higher-than-usual language content, of the NSFW variety. Hide it from your mothers, yo.

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Also, in squeetastic news, I bring you this:

The six-episode 'Heroes: Origins' series is a novel way for a network to address one of its chief unpleasant lessons this season: viewers are impatient when their favorite serials disappear into reruns for a huge chunk of the year. Each episode will introduce a potential new character, and the most popular chosen by fans will join the 'Heroes' cast full time.

Full article here.

Wow. Now I really need to find some awesome Matt/Ted icons. There just aren't enough out there. Any recs?