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In which she all of a sudden feels less special...

Meme time!

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How many have your name?

[EDIT: And because you all secretly want it, (*shifty eyes to slantedsunlight*) I present Milo Ventimiglia... brushing his teeth.

Jeezus, never in my life have I wanted so much to be a battery powered personal hygiene product. *dies*
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In which she'll like it better than toys!...

Dood. Tomorrow is Tuesday. Do you know what this means? Yes, while it does mean that today is Monday, this is not the celebratory news it usually is, as Heroes is on hiatus. *weep* What the real issue at the heart of the matter is, is that tomorrow I'm giving my sister her Christmas present. And why do I care? Probably because her present is almost more of a present for me.
This wouldn't be the first time I'd be accused to giving/sharing a gift that's meant more for myself than the intended giftee. My other sister's graduation/birthday present of a week-long trip to Disney last year? Supposedly that was totally meant for me. But anyways...

Her present? I'm taking her to go see the touring production of Lion King, (Gazelle Cast, for those who care). *hidnuwvirweihjfuwegyfnoawvlfha'splodingbrains* I seriously cannot wait. And I honestly don't know how I managed to score orchestra seats only three days prior to the event. I suppose it's one of the few perks of living in a relatively low-culture area. When the big ticket show do come to town, you don't have to compete with half the population for seats. (That definitely wasn't the case last year when Blast! came to Ft. Lauderdale. Tickets sold out faster than Gwen Stefani did to the music industry and the only way I was able to score some was because my best friend got seats after one of her co-workers couldn't go due to a family event. It seriously pays to know people, yo.)

And because bandwagons are more fun the more people are on them:
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In which she tries not to get her hopes too far up...

I must say thanks to you all for sneding sending me the goodvibes. While I still haven't heard from that one girl, I've gotten at best four other serious offers today alone.

Three of them aren't all that far from here, over in the college district near UCF (University of Central Florida) and VCC (Valencia Community College). One is a 5/3 with 3 rooms available at $475/mo & $100 deposit, the second is a 3/2.5 for $400/mo and a $400 dep. (steep, me thinks), and the third is a 3/3 for $475/mo and a (*gulp*) $500 security dep. I shouldn't have to do any highway driving to get to those, just city streets, and their about 20 or so minutes away, depending on traffic. I'm hoping that these will only be back-up plans. (No offense to any students out there, but let's face it, college kids can get puh-ritty damn crazy, and the last thing I need is to be living in a house full of them.)

The fourth is a bit of a drive, over in Winter Garden ('bout 23 miles west of here, give or take). Accounting for traffic (and the fact that I'm not at all familiar with the area) that should make anywhere between a 30-45 minute drive. Though this seems like the most problematic choice, given that I have to move all my stuff in my tiny little Korean made car, it's so far the only one where I've actually talked to the person letting it out.

The girl seemed pretty nice over the phone, said it was just her four cats, one dog, and herself in a 2/1 condo/townhouse. (It also kinda helps that so far it's the cheapest: only $400/mo and a $100 deposit. Don't know anything about whether or not the utilities are included or extra, yet.) Anyhoo, I'll be meeting her at a nearby restaurant and then following her over to her house. Wish me some more of that luck, ladies! (And, uh, the very few gents out there. *squints*)

[EDIT: If these NASA fucks don't go through with the launch tomorrow, sum-unns gonna be freakin' pissed! And I seriously hope that I'm back east enough by that time (3:49 pm EDT) to either: a) make the actual launch (doubtfully, although since I've never seen one live it would kick some mighty ass); or b) at least be able to see/make out the con-trail from my relatives house. But I'm hopin' on (a)!]

[EDIT NO.2: Sorry, but I couldn't resist myself. The following is ganked from swizzzlesticks:
'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com
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In which she hopes it's not just another mirage...

I think I may have found a place. It's a 3/2 house in Apopka ('bout 24 or so miles Northwest of here) for only $350 a month, plus a $100 security deposit and about $45 a month for utilities. The room in question has it's own separate key (I'd be sharing with three others: two girls and a guy), although I will be sharing a bathroom, (hey, I've got no problem there).

I've already emailed the girl and have gotten a response back, and now I'm just waiting for her to give me a call to set up an appointment for me to go take a look at the place. I really hope this thing goes through, so please keep your fingers crossed for me, you guys. If it does good times will be had by all. Word.

Now, if only the job situation could be fixed...
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In which she puts herself out on loan...

So I figured I try out this Sponsored+ membership. The ads aren't too, too annoying, and hey, more icons. 'Cause, you know, I'd sell my third testicle for more icons. Hells yeah, I would.

ION, my Jedi costume seems to be coming along slowly (which, of course, is due to the fact that I'm stitching together this mother by hand), but overall pretty well; right now I'm mainly concentrating on the tabards.

(Sweet wounded Jesus, you have no idea what the word "tabard" does to me. *creams pants* I just can't help but start singing "His Name is Lancelot", which then gets me going off on "Jedi Kaaaaaa-niggits!", which of course, then send me on another tangent thinking of Charred-Torso Anakin (with Bitching Action!) raving about how it's "only a flesh-wound". OMG, Star Wars and 'Monty Python' are the truest OTP of all time.)

Now, which of my 15 fucking icons to use?
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In which she reads from the Holiest of scriptures...

And Lo! The gods of Broadway looked down from their stage, and took pity on threthiel9, for she had missed Wicked on it's tour, and also Bat Boy, twice again. And they said, "Behold! For her we shall do great things! To her we send Spamalot, and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and a second chance at Wicked, for she is a nerd, and we like those!"

And in seeing that these things were indeed meant to come true, threthiel9 took great joy, and mush celebrating was had. And it was good.

Don't you just love happy endings?...

In other news, I totally can't wait to get my Jedi costume finished. It should rock quite a few casbars.
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In which she is uberly relieved, and then some...

You know, I had completely forgotten how awesome of a movie Make Mine Music is. It has some of my all-time favorite animated segments ever, like 'All the Cats Join In', 'Peter and the Wolf', 'Casey at the Bat', 'After You've Gone' (with the master, Benny Goodman), 'Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet', plus 'The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met'. Classic, bro.

If you ask me, the whole reason why Disney's animation/film department is in the rut it's in now is because they've left classic storytelling and good ol' fashioned dementedness for marketing to infantile prepubescent kids who have parents with deep pockets. Doesn't anyone else remember when "family entertainment" was actually entertaining to the entire family?

And speaking of Disney:

Ooooomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg. Check it, hoes. My little half-man-but-more-than-a-man will be at all fuckin' four Weekends! Hosting!! *omgwtfsquee* (Now, if only they'd release the rest of the celebs they're getting, I'd be really happy. In the mean time, I'll just keep my fingers crossed that Peter Mayhew and/or (preferably and) Anthony Daniels are somewhere on that list.)

And I was so worried I'd end up missing him this year, since I don't have much choice in which Weekend I'll end up attending. (I'm pretty much limited to the weekend of the 27th, which unfortunately turns out to be Memorial Day weekend, meaning there'll be tourists up the wazoo, there. Reason why it'll have to be then is because it's the only chance I'll have to take _dangerkitty_, between her graduation (and other senior year activities) and birthday, (and while this is just an excuse for me to go to Disney again, I'm using the reasoning that it's her joint graduation/birthday gift).)

Shit, now I got myself all horny for Disney!
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In which she wants to know why St. Patty gets all the damn attention, what about St. Andy?...

Woot! Despite the fact that I'm still sick (absolutely no voice, and when I do have it I sound like a 13 year-old boy going through puberty), have three more days to go until my next day off, and have a wedding to take part in in exactly one week (minus a few hours), I can't help but feel positively excited. Why, you ask?


Ahem. Yep, it's next month, buddy. And although I am a little bit miffed over the lack of Off Kilter (early rumors were placing them back here for the second year in a row, but alas, they're still playing Epcot (Canada, to be exact)), I can't wait to hear this year's headliner, Prydein. *adds another band to growing list in genre* (Hooray, for kiltrock!)

Now, if only I could settle on one of my fifty-million Scotland shirts to wear...

*Side note - Listen up bitches, I'ma calling outs to yas. If any of you guys have got a myspace account, would you mind addin' a girl? I'm not on there too much, but, y'know, only having a very small amount of friends seems kinda lame.