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In which she does some much needed flailing...

First off, a belated PIMP for Part 2 of the_sc_files. And not just because they pimped me and my fan comm.

Secondly, yes. OotP is win. Collapse )

Also, major props must be given to slantedsunlight for one night of awesome company, for finding and burning me the soundtrack to The Chipmunk Adventure (Simon/Jeanette OTP) (don't even get me started on that god-awful movie coming out), and for turning me onto one of, if not THE FUNNIEST parody/companion pieces to the Harry Potter fandom EVAR. Btw, I still have your UNO deck. >.<


\o/ AUGUST! \o/


Honestly, the amount of flailing that I'm doing over this is going to cause some major medical issues. This is real. Not a joke. Shit has been booked, and paid for, and OMG.

[EDIT: Much as I love this mood theme, it may need changing. Zane Sylar just doesn't look nearly as excited as I am right now.]
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In which she would like some advice...

First off, repost from theparkbenchrss, because Bruce Campbell plus Duran Duran, times Old Spice equals sex to the power of your mom. Ahoy.

Secondly, in celebration/anticipation of the Summer of Potter, Alivan's is having a special sale for past buyers only, on all their costume related items, and well, 20% off ain't that bad. So my question is, do I splurge and go for the nice, shiny satin-lined robe, or save a good deal of money and get the team sweater? (I've already got the House sweater, so if that affects your say, then, there ya go...) Also, should a spend the extra money on a wand, or am I a big enough dork as it is?
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In which she is feeling a bit behind...

Things to do by the end of the day:
1. Go to bank to deposit paychecks.
2. Pay bills: car payment, car insurance, credit card, rent, electric.
3. Change engine oil and transmission fluid.
4. Get gas.
5. Do laundry.
6. Clean room/bathroom.
7. Watch LOST.
8. Finish batch o'icons.

ION, being able to only have up to 105 icons is so not cool. I need more, MORE, I say! *flails, like in icon, only angrier*
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In which she wishes she had more money to spend...

For some reason I woke up today to find this really nasty (and I mean disgusting!) bruise/blood blister running the entire length of the inside of my bottom lip. Almost like I had been biting down/sucking on it all night while I slept. I'm highly disturbed.

ION, You guys have no idea how much I want one of these. This one, too.

Not to mention Nathan's Flight School, Petrelli Bros. Airlaine, Use Plastic Wrap, Save Ando, Hairstyle, the Bomb, Live for Paper, My Congressman, mix tape?, Guide to Brain Ingestation, Sylar for President, ...my brain, OWI, and Sylar Makes Me Tick (ain't that the truth!).

And tell me honestly, if they ever did get back to doing a film version of 'Bat Boy - The Musical' couldn't you totally see Zach Quinto as Edgar? 'Cause I could. (In fact, you could pretty much recast the show using the entire cast of 'Heroes': HRG would so have to be Dr. Parker, Claire would be Shelley (Sylaire lives on into other fandoms!), Peter would have to be Rick (it's just too funny not to happen), Matt'd be the Sheriff, etc., etc. Shit, now I really wish this would happen. Someone make me a fanvid, dammit!)

[EDIT: I saw this quote over here, and thought it was just too adorkable not to post...
"I can't stop saying the f-word. But around my mommy I have to censor myself a little bit." -Milo Ventimiglia

I don't what's cuter. The fact that he "can't stop saying the f-word", or that he still refers to her as "mommy". ^.^! I wanna have his babies.]
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(no subject)

So, remember the other day, when I was debating on going to either Disney or Tallahassee? Well, I had forgotten that I was supposed to baby-sit Timmy today, while Katie goes to a parenting class her divorce lawyer signed her up for. So Tally had to be scrapped, and Disney was in.

But then yesterday, I got a bit of a surprise when, instead of my scheduled 3:45, I got off of work a wee bit after two. So I figured I'd use the extra time and go to Parks. (Like I said the other day, I've been having mad cravings lately, and I really needed a fix.)

So, after a quick shower (and a desperately need shave), I hopped in the car and headed down to the Happiest Place on Earth (all the while singing along to my On the Record soundtrack; <3 Disney!). Unfortunately, I hit a mess of traffic around Apopka that didn't clear up until I hit the Millenia area (which for people unfamiliar with the area, is quite a considerable distance), so I didn't get to the actual park until after 4.

Collapse )

I also managed to snag some pics with my phone camera (hence the shitty quality). I'll pu 'em behind a cut so I don't choke up your flists.

Collapse )

The best part is, I get to go back again today. This time, however, I won't be by myself, as _dangerkitty_ will also be with me, which also means I'll be using her camera to take higher quality photos. Squee, I can't wait!

[EDIT: This entry took me over two hours to type. Man, two year olds like to interfere.]
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In which she hopes it's not just another mirage...

I think I may have found a place. It's a 3/2 house in Apopka ('bout 24 or so miles Northwest of here) for only $350 a month, plus a $100 security deposit and about $45 a month for utilities. The room in question has it's own separate key (I'd be sharing with three others: two girls and a guy), although I will be sharing a bathroom, (hey, I've got no problem there).

I've already emailed the girl and have gotten a response back, and now I'm just waiting for her to give me a call to set up an appointment for me to go take a look at the place. I really hope this thing goes through, so please keep your fingers crossed for me, you guys. If it does good times will be had by all. Word.

Now, if only the job situation could be fixed...
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In which she is the man now dog...

Correct me if I'm wrong, (which I seriously doubt), but I think it's pretty safe to say that YTMND (otherwise known as "You're the Man Now, dog")is the single greatest website ever created. It's like the unholy love-rape-child of flash technology and SomethingAwful. Only thing is Holy Water can't do shit to this mother.

ION, dude froodle, check it out. Like, the actual 'Eerie Examiner'. Should I totally go for it? Or actually save my money and use it to get something a little less... Pathetic. Go for it! I mean, there is only one bid on it, and all, but I don't wanna get sniped just yet. Not only is it the only piece of "Eerie" memorabilia I've seen, but it's from the one where young little Tobey Maguire is totally working it in his Newsies reject costume.

And this next part may be a little embarassing for me to admit, but in all actual reality: I recommend Stick It as a good time-killer movie. For all intents and purposes, it shouldn't be a good movie, but it is. I mean, yeah, the acting was kinda lame, but the main girl (who reminds me of a mix between a young Mila Jovovich and Jessica Biel from back when she still had a career) was pretty well done, in terms of coming across as a badass who just happens to do a girly sport, while not seeming cliched. It had some cute moments, some fantastic camera/editing tricks (very Busby Berkeley, believe it or not), and oh, hell, I just think it's about time all atheletes in artistic sports (dance, marching band/drums corps, winterguard, etc.) "stuck it" to the judges and took back control of the sport away from politics.

Plus, what can I say, have a weakness for psuedo-sports movies. This is what happens when the only sports you were ever good at/involved with were psuedo-sports.

That, and only getting two and a half hours of sleep in a 40 hour period of time is definitely not cool. At all.
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In which she desperately needs her sleep...

So the answer is yes, working 15-hour+ days (8 am-11:30 pm) is not fun. But hey, I need to kiss as much ass as I can right now, if I'm gonna get the week before Memorial Day off. Plus, Brownie Points never hurt anybody. and I kinda need the OT pay.

Now, if only I could finish this costume.

[Edit: I'm working on a new stamping comm. (not up yet), so pass the word along to anyone who might be addicted interested.]
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In which she canneh shove 'er Granneh offa bus...

So today was 23rd Annual Heap-big Scottish Festival. The venue was definitely better than last year (while is didn't feel too much bigger it wasn't nearly as cramped together), but music wise, I had about as much fun as I would've if a stick of dynamite was shoved up my ass giving me "explosive" diarrhea.

A bit disappointing, considering I had been hearing great things about the band (a group out of Vermont called Prydein). I mean, they sounded good and all, but no stage presence at all. But then again, no one can rock out with a kilt on quite like Off Kilter, (at least I'll be seeing them at Epcot next month).

On the plus side, I did manage to finally get my hands on a decent brooch for my tartan, instead of that godawful 'S' encrusted with fake gold that's been in my family for so long it's beginning to give off toxic levels of radiation. And hey, it's as official Fraser of Lovat as I'm gonna get (and approved by the current standing Clan Cheifs!). That and a 30 dollar book on Celtic Mythology. Schweetness! (The numerous hot dudes in kilts didn't hurt either, if you know what I mean. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say no more, say no more.)

But alas, as Casey wasn't here for it I had no one to split my haggis with, and no one was selling any shortbread. Add to that my current migraine (I always get one from being out in the sun) and the sunburn I'll have by tomorrow (complete with full facial swelling, no doubt), it's no suprise that I'm not too.... active, right now. Really, just checking up on some hotel reviews for next month's trip is all.

Now, to find me some heavy-duty painkillers!