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In which she can hardly contain herself...


They've finally released the official guest list for this years Star Wars Weekends. The only sad part is that I won't be able to make all four of them. *weep*

Weekend 1: June 1-3 -- Warwick Davis (Wicket W. Warrick (Ewok; EV - ESB), Wald (Rhodian; EI - TPM), and Weazel (podrace spectator; EI - TPM)& Kenny Baker (Artoo Detoo; EI-VI) - The fact that they're having two little people the same weekend is enough to freak me the fuck out. I've met Warwick during the past two years and the man continues to be a living legend. Kenny has also been in countless cult films (all of which I adore), so meeting him would be equally squeetastic.)

Weekend 2: June 8-10 -- Ray Park (Darth Maul; EI - TPM) & Daniel Logan (young Boba Fett; EII - AotC) - While Boba Fett is undeniably one of the coolest Star Wars characters EVAR, young Boba was pretty lame, to say the least. Although meeting Ray would be tres cool, just considering how much of a badass he is. Plus, he's Scottish, which is always a plus!)

Weekend 3: June 15-17 -- Jeremy Bulloch (Capt. Colton; EIII-RotS, Boba Fett; (EV & VI)) & Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca; EIII-VI) - As I said above, Boba Fett is, and always will be, one of the 'most awesomest' characters Star Wars has to offer. So the ability to flaunt the fact that I've met him would knock me way up on the coolest scale. And do I need to say anything about Chewie? If anything, it'll only makes that song from Clerks all the more real. Not only that, but this particular Weekend also happens to end on my birthday. And seriously, how cool of a present would that be?!

Weekend 4: June 22-24 -- Anthony Daniels (See Threepio (EI-VI) & Bonnie Piesse (young Beru Whitesun/Lars; EII & III) - To me, Beru don't mean shit. Just another one of those prequel things that never struck my interest. But Anthony fucking Daniels?! Of all six films, not only is he the only actor who's performance can actually be seen onscreen (no offense to K Baker), but he's the only one who I still crush on! (And not just on the character (though Threepio is one of my all time favorites), but on him personally. The man is pretty damn hot for a little old Brit. (And still in reasonable good shape!) He's just so adorable, I want to take him home!

ION, since I've recently upgraded my ass to a paid account (omgyay!), this poor bitch needs some (read a lot) more icons. So if you chikas can point me towards some good ones (pretty much any fandom will work) I would be eternally grateful.
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