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In which she thinks things may be looking a little better...

Item One: Halloween problem has been (mostly) solved. Not only have I settled on a costume (the one and only Indiana Jones is you must know), but I pretty much have the entire costume done (in both the funds and time spent are in smaller increments than last year!). The thing that stokes me the most is that I got a very accurate jacket for only 32 USD. (Pics of the finished get-up should be coming along shortly.) Is it not sweet, my homes? Only piece mising is a handgun and matching holster, circa mid-to-late 1930s-ish. (Or something like that.) Methinks I should find me some toy stores.
Item One Point Five: While I'm on the subject of costumes, news is to be made that I've procured a way cooler pirate sword than I had before. Much longer (Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say no more.), much sexier, and definitely deserving an all caps BADASS. Pics of this will also soon be along.

Item Two: Does anyone else think that TV Land's Weekend Long "Three's Company" Marathon is the greatest thing in the world? Because seriously, you can never have enough John Ritter, (though any Suzanne Somers is too much). Come on, knock on my door, fools.

Item Three: In a slightly more serious note, my dad is making see some not-so-resume-friendly doctors, to help me start feeling more like I used to be before I was eight. Now, the thyroid doc isn't really a problem (although she says my thyroid is so insignificantly out of whack that it "wouldn't be worth" trying to fix, and (from the way she says it) totally not worth the pain and discomfort I'd be in for. (And believe you me, after my jaw surgery came out being nowhere near worth the pain I get everyday from it (three years after the fact), let's just say I've had it with doing "the right thing" for my health. I'll take "Screw It, I'll Just Learn to Leave Well Enough Alone" for a thousand, Alex.
What really gets me is that he's got me seeing both a psychologist and a psychiatrist. So it's not just my state of mind (which would be something I could learn to deal with on my own), but my state of brain (meaning I'm so effed up I need drugs to think for me). Nice.

Item Four: I think I'm gonna write a musical version of Star Wars. Any takers on doing a collaboration?
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