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In which she tries not to get her hopes too far up...

I must say thanks to you all for sneding sending me the goodvibes. While I still haven't heard from that one girl, I've gotten at best four other serious offers today alone.

Three of them aren't all that far from here, over in the college district near UCF (University of Central Florida) and VCC (Valencia Community College). One is a 5/3 with 3 rooms available at $475/mo & $100 deposit, the second is a 3/2.5 for $400/mo and a $400 dep. (steep, me thinks), and the third is a 3/3 for $475/mo and a (*gulp*) $500 security dep. I shouldn't have to do any highway driving to get to those, just city streets, and their about 20 or so minutes away, depending on traffic. I'm hoping that these will only be back-up plans. (No offense to any students out there, but let's face it, college kids can get puh-ritty damn crazy, and the last thing I need is to be living in a house full of them.)

The fourth is a bit of a drive, over in Winter Garden ('bout 23 miles west of here, give or take). Accounting for traffic (and the fact that I'm not at all familiar with the area) that should make anywhere between a 30-45 minute drive. Though this seems like the most problematic choice, given that I have to move all my stuff in my tiny little Korean made car, it's so far the only one where I've actually talked to the person letting it out.

The girl seemed pretty nice over the phone, said it was just her four cats, one dog, and herself in a 2/1 condo/townhouse. (It also kinda helps that so far it's the cheapest: only $400/mo and a $100 deposit. Don't know anything about whether or not the utilities are included or extra, yet.) Anyhoo, I'll be meeting her at a nearby restaurant and then following her over to her house. Wish me some more of that luck, ladies! (And, uh, the very few gents out there. *squints*)

[EDIT: If these NASA fucks don't go through with the launch tomorrow, sum-unns gonna be freakin' pissed! And I seriously hope that I'm back east enough by that time (3:49 pm EDT) to either: a) make the actual launch (doubtfully, although since I've never seen one live it would kick some mighty ass); or b) at least be able to see/make out the con-trail from my relatives house. But I'm hopin' on (a)!]

[EDIT NO.2: Sorry, but I couldn't resist myself. The following is ganked from swizzzlesticks:
'What will your obituary say?' at
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