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In which she hopes it's not just another mirage...

I think I may have found a place. It's a 3/2 house in Apopka ('bout 24 or so miles Northwest of here) for only $350 a month, plus a $100 security deposit and about $45 a month for utilities. The room in question has it's own separate key (I'd be sharing with three others: two girls and a guy), although I will be sharing a bathroom, (hey, I've got no problem there).

I've already emailed the girl and have gotten a response back, and now I'm just waiting for her to give me a call to set up an appointment for me to go take a look at the place. I really hope this thing goes through, so please keep your fingers crossed for me, you guys. If it does good times will be had by all. Word.

Now, if only the job situation could be fixed...
Tags: apartment, broke-ness, eep!, flist: gen, help, moving, rl

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