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In which she puts herself out on loan...

So I figured I try out this Sponsored+ membership. The ads aren't too, too annoying, and hey, more icons. 'Cause, you know, I'd sell my third testicle for more icons. Hells yeah, I would.

ION, my Jedi costume seems to be coming along slowly (which, of course, is due to the fact that I'm stitching together this mother by hand), but overall pretty well; right now I'm mainly concentrating on the tabards.

(Sweet wounded Jesus, you have no idea what the word "tabard" does to me. *creams pants* I just can't help but start singing "His Name is Lancelot", which then gets me going off on "Jedi Kaaaaaa-niggits!", which of course, then send me on another tangent thinking of Charred-Torso Anakin (with Bitching Action!) raving about how it's "only a flesh-wound". OMG, Star Wars and 'Monty Python' are the truest OTP of all time.)

Now, which of my 15 fucking icons to use?
Tags: action figures, costumes, eep!, icons, lj, shows, showtunes, star wars, sww, whore-ing, yayness

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