November 8th, 2009

wedding = December ring

In which she is bizzay...

Today was a big day in terms of getting ready for the big day. First off, we went over to Michael's where I got my cake topper and a piece of ribbon/string that matches my sash (this way hopefully Publix will be able to match the cake icing).

Speaking of cakes, right now we're torn between this one (minus the flower spray on top with our topper and changing the colors around some) and this one (instead using our topper and changing the icing roses to something else, plus adding some possible color). Which brings me to this...


Which cake do YOU prefer?

The greenish one!
The ivory-ish one!
Whichever one has chocolate!


After Michael's we moseyed on over to Sam's Club where we priced out most of what we'll need for the reception (disposable plates, cups, napkins, silverware, stuff to make hot chocolate mix, a s'mores bar, frozen wings, bacon, baked beans, beer, etc.). (Luckily Josh's mom is friends with everyone at a diner nearby, and they're going to let us use they're deep fryer to cook all our wings (60 lbs and all!) for just $50.)

Then just a bit ago I ordered our cake cutlery and toasting glasses, which should hopefully arrive soon. (I originally wanted this set because its less formal and more fun, but I was talked out of it since the other set matches my flowers.) (Speaking of which, Josh's Aunt Nancy is working away at helping us get the flowers made and MAN are they looking good!) (Btw, whoever invented fake flowers is a fucking genius and deserves a hug.)

I leave you with this: GHETTO BLASTER