June 22nd, 2009

SPN = someone in this room is DRAMATIC!

In which she points out her differing maturity levels...

So apparently my older sister is knocked up, meaning in about 8 or so months I'll be an aunt, and I feel ENTIRELY INDIFFERENT about the whole thing. I could tell kind of pissed her off when I talked to her earlier today, because I wasn't all "OMGZ UR HAVEEN A BAYBEE KUNGRATZ!!!!1one". Seriously though, there has been so much drama (DRAMA) with certain members of my family lately that I really couldn't give a shit about them anymore. As far as I'm concerned we're fucking DONE, professionally.

Buuuuut that's another story for another day. What else is new, you ask? SOON I'LL BE THE LUCKY RECIPIENT OF AN ULTRASOUND GUIDED NEEDLE CORE BIOPSY ON MY RIGHT BOOBAH! Aren't you bitches jealous?!

And now, as an added distraction I present: CARTOON-A-RAMA! A meme in 12 parts. (Ganked from kaion_strife.)

"X" what you've seen, "O" what you haven't finished but saw sizeable portions of, leave blank what you haven't seen at all. Bold what you loved and strike through what you didn't like.

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Oh, and being 24 is vastly overated.