January 8th, 2009

Chuck = Nerd Herd

In which she puts out a request...

Listen up, motherfuckers! I've got a new phone, and new digits. If you want 'em, comment (with your number, if you wish), and you'll get it. Comments are screened.

And I've got AT&T if it makes any difference.

ION, I really, really hope Oklahoma wins. It doesn't have to be by a lot; just one point will do. Yes, I'm a native Floridian, so I should be rootin' for the Gators. Things is... I was born, raised, and BRED to be a (Miami) Hurricane fan, and therefor cannot cheer for UF. (In fact, the only time I will support them is if they're playing Ohio State, and thats only because I know the chances of both teams suffering some kind of mass spontaneous combustion are slim to none.)

So, woot! Go Sooners!