November 1st, 2007

text* = DON'T TASE ME BRO!

In which she has just a few items of business...

First off, question time. Do any of you have any good/okay/mediocre/acceptable/WHATEVER ideas for vacations/vacation spots - wait for it - TO GO TO BY YOURSELF?! I mean, I get two weeks paid vacation every year, I can take them together or separately depending on what I want, and really, I have no one to go with/take along. I know it's a little early in terms of "the year" according to Publix (technically, it hasn't even started yet), but I'd like to get something planned ASAP so that I have enough time to save up money.

I'd like to go out-of-state (I've lived in Florida my ENTIRE LIFE, and as any most of the natives will tell you, it is NOT the perfection that the rest of the world makes it out to be), but just WHERE is a mystery. Preferably someplace so completely different from everything and just... not Florida. (While I'd love to go someplace out of the country, I seriously doubt the likelihood of that happening due to: 1, I'm too poor/cheap; 2, no passport/it takes forever to get one; 3, except for English the only other language I speak is (I kid you not) Pig Latin, only I'm extremely rusty with it; and 4, did I mention I'll likely be travelling ALONE?)

So suggestions? Brainstorms? Cookies?

Also, summin' needs to hook a sister up with what happened during the live episode of 'Ghost Hunters' last night as it's totally my guilty pleasure I seem to have missed a large portion of it. Basically, I watched from a little after 11 up until 1:30 or so. Anything good before/after that? Should I even bother with next weeks results show? Did Grant get nekkid?

Next, yes, I realize I've been over-relying on memes for content lately. I beg your mercy, good Ellejai, it has been slow quiet uneventful very very blaaaaaaah around here lately. So until things pick-up, memes it will be. This one comes from jadeblood...

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And you would not BELIEVE how hard it is to find a good/amusing remix for "Don't Tase Me, Bro!" Granted, there are a few that are highly chuckle worthy (most notably "U Can't Tase This", and OMG look there's even a folk song version (ahh, the memories)), but nothing truly A-MAZING, worth the effort of ripping the mp3 file to my hard drive. I'm almost ashamed of you, internet. You bring me the endless joy of the Picard Song, and countless remixes of "United States of Whatever", and yet this gets practically nothing? Bad form.

However, that doesn't stop me from wanting one ALL of these shirts.

ION, I have a new obsession with Smile. Anyone who wants the demo recording (since there never was any sort of cast album) can see me. (Because Jeff McCarthy and Jodi Benson are love. But... not together. ._.)

And because it's obvious that I currently have absolutely no idea how to organize thoughts into any kind of proper format, THIS makes my inner Misty all sorts of happy. And seriously, and anything new-ish come out about 1-18-08 in the past few months, because I would REALLY like to know what is going on with the project. Or at least they can come out and say that the monster is Cthulu (or some variant of) already. O_O

I kind of feel like RPing maybe?