October 19th, 2007

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In which she rants AND raves...

So I wake up two days ago feeling extremely waterlogged, but otherwise normal. Now, other than the requisite showering on a regular basis, I haven't been in the water since Fourth of July weekend when I drove up to Tallahassee for a few days, so I have no idea a bit of an idea (which is along the lines of TMI, and also makes no sense) as to why I felt waterlogged, but whatevs. Point is, not all was dandy in AmyLand.

Later that same day, it felt like my left eye socket was bruised. Which again, didn't make sense because One) I sleep on an air mattress, and Two) if not there, I'm sleeping on the biggest, softest, and most comfortable couch in all of couchdom! So WHY WAS IT HURTING?!

As luck would have it, the pain started to spread to other parts of my face, namely the upper jaw around the sinuses, which led me to believe that there must be a low pressure system nearby that was fucking around with me and I should just take a few Aleve and all would be well.


That night I come home from work, plop down in front of the computer, and lo and behold! my nose is running. (Great fucking timing, immune system.)

Long story short, I now find myself surrounded by lemon-lime Gatorade (drink of teh GODS!), two bags of Riccola (which I expect to run out of shortly), a box of Tylenol Sinus Rapid Release (sadly, I can't take any because I haven't eaten, there is no food in the apartment, and empty stomach + medicine = NO BUENO), and a box of Puffs. (Side note: Whoever had the idea to manufacture Puffs with Vicks VapoRub freakin' built into it is a goddamn GENIUS. Somebody hand that man a Nobel Prize, kthnxbai.)

Oh, what a fun time this shall be! [/sarcasm] I just really want to throw up, but I CAN'T! And every time I cough it feels like I'm going to puke so basically my body is just pointing it's index finger in my face and yelling "PSYCH!" at the top of it's lungs.

Luckily, I have the next two days off of work to recuperate, but that's the time I was going to use to get the CDs for the exchange meme done, and dammit it hurts(!) to look at the monitor right now. So, it may be a while before I can get those out. Sorry 'bout that. (Though I can still listen to the invisible CD chrryblssmninja put together for me, and use the old paper/pen technique (if I can find them O_O) to see how that works out. Not all is forsaken! Plus, there is PORN that needs to be written!)

In the meantime, you can entertain yourselves by taking a look at the Heroes Family Tree that cazrolime and lienne put together (scroll down near the bottom of the comments for an even funnier more complete version), and/or jump in on hymenchan's Music Sharing Meme I. You know you want to. [/pimp]

I should get some more sleep, but I had over 14 hours of it last night and frankly, I'm bored as hell. I should really get some food. ._.

[EDIT: Umm, pieces of my throat are flaking off. Is that normal? @_@]
text* = DON'T TASE ME BRO!

In which she goes on about the fickle world of slash...

WHY is it impossible to find good Young Guns slash? Or Tombstone for that matter?? I mean, I would expect Dick/Doc to be a semi-rarity (ROFL at the names), but I still think there should be buttloads of Wyatt/Doc out there. Heck, I'd even take Doc/Doc crossover if I could find it! (C'mon, tell me you wouldn't pass up Val Kilmer/Kiefer Sutherland. I think not.)


[EDIT: I just got menthol in my eye. D:!]