October 15th, 2007

text* = DON'T TASE ME BRO!

In which she is wishing she had some Black and Milds right now...

After the Shitty Week of Hell (which was quite improved upon after hymenchan wrote me DOGPYLE with a side order of CHEVERYTHING, roflcopter, (and the promise of more porn from other parties)) I figured I needed to do something for me. AND SO!

Below is a list of every alcoholic substance currently in my apartment, with detailed quantities and everything. Let me state that since tomorrow is completely open for me (until 8 o'clock, at least) I plan on getting HAMMERED. And letting you all join the fun, witness my total depravity, etc.

7 6 12 oz bot. of Yuengling Traditional Lager
6 5 11.2 oz bot. of Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Wave Runners
6 11.2 oz bot. of Mike's Hard Lime
6 11.2 oz bot. of Smirnoff Twisted V Arctic Berry
1 11.2 oz bot. of Smirnoff Ice Raspberry Burst
and about 1/2 of a 750 ml bot. of Classico Amaretto di Amore.

...I've come to the conclusion that my choices are few and far between. I really need to find a places that sells Dos Equis. Some giant fucking margaritas wouldn't hurt, either.

I'll be updating (this entry, to spare you teh spamz0rz) throughout the night. Feel free to ridicule my drunkedness with me here and now, or do so via AIM (I expect to be on all night/as long as I'm awake and coherent), throw some virtual munchies at me, or jump in tomorrow when I start wishing this were all just a dream.


The time is 1 a.m., and the first drink is Yuengling.

[EDIT: Time: 1:18 a.m. One drink down. Status: Head is a litt eswimmy. I usually hodl my first couplepretyy wel, but I havenmt; eatrne much today, so... Hard to type at my noraml rate correctly; so I'll take wha4rteve tr typowes I get. Good thigns I typeosd out my codign before I statred. XDDDDDDd Nest in the menu is Wave Runenr. OH CAPTIAN MY CAP O TIA !]

[EDIT2: Time: 1:41 a.m. Okay sroisuly, copy./patser is my best friend evaer you know? So far jazalove si the onyl one bvrave enoguht5 to IM me (thgouth she jsut went of to bed :89((((((((((( ), btu wehatevs. Ive alsotm discoevger that mahojrng is a lot eharder when you can;t fcsu ont eh tiles, and 'Yakeyt Sax' maek sthe BSET druinkign musci ! Nest tup is a Mieks's .]

[EDIT3: Tiem: 2:27 a.m. I;ve slowed my padce down a bit. Plus, since I now have a abit of food ib my system (LONG LVIE CHEX IC!) I'm doign slgihtyl better. Ont he other xdan, the ngih5t has nsuddel y tuen ed itn o a Eli Roght marathon, as I curentyl finf sd mysaelt fwathchign Cabin Fever (whcihs believ it nor nto i s even funnire r hwen you're comeptletel shit afecse; also "PANCAEKS!!"), and I egt thte fwleign that Hostdle may follwro ti. In tonhe rte news, lovethenewblack (yaaaaaya copy./ paste!) is a a sucker tof r drunk IGM ing. AMERSDASN HAETR SMIECOLEON!!]
[EDIT3.5: I thisnks the do g peed ont he carpet. :||||||||\\\\\\,b>]</b>
text* = DON&#39;T TASE ME BRO!

In which she suddenly has numerous things to accomplish...

First off, I got more porn. senor_coconut_1 was kind/awesome enough to write me Alejandro/Derek (which SHAME ON YOU, FANDOM, FOR NOT WRITING THIS SOONER!). There is crack (which is expected, given that the prompt I gave her was "prison wife"), and some mighty hiLARious Spanish going on. I highly recommend it.

While we're on the topic, WHY has no one written Linderman/McSorley, yet? You're really slacking these days, fandom. *waggles finger*

Next topic of discussion, ZOMG TAM I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!!!! *EPIX FLAILZ0RZ* I shall analyze the track list shortly (as soon as I stop ROFLing from it, LMAO). Also, I ACCEPT YOUR OFFER/CHALLENGE! Again, as soon as I stop laughing uncontrollably from what I have, I shall begin work on it. *breaks out THE LIST and ponders*

Item the Third, this being Monday, it is both 'Chuck' and 'Heroes' night! \o/ I missed posting my metas this past week (Y HALO DAR STRESS!), but hopefully I'll be able to do them this time around. If only I weren't scheduled for six tomorrow morning, I'd have 'em up tonight.

Item the Third Point Five: 'Chuck' fans! Join chuck_meta! I'd really like to get it going ASAP and I can only do it if there are people willing to participate!

Fourth matter for today, although more stress is NOT what I need at the moment (and my writing powhurz are currently devoted to hymenchan's Evil Purposes), I find myself just ACHING to jump in on the current challenge at rare_heroes. I've already got my pairing(s) and basic storyline down (Muggles/Queequeg, with a side order of Bennet/Mulder, anyone?), so really all I have to do is put it down. But... We'll see.

Fifthly (and lastly), I had a dream last night that, while it was one of the best dreams I've had in a LONG TIME (and also one of the most... graphic :| ) and possibly may have been caused by the level of alcohol in my system, it's probably going to do more damage than good in the long run, coming from a purely emotional/mental POV. Which (once again!) is high up on my DO NOT NEED/WANT list.

And that's that.

[EDIT: ROFL Monty. XD]