November 13th, 2005

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In which she has 'Comfort and Joy'...

Get this bitches and boys: Bat Boy (the musical!) is being made into a movie (also a musical!) and is being directed by none other than John Landis (who totally pwns the comedy/horror/musical genre(s)!).

Not only does this freak out my Broadway/musical geek for the reason that I absolutely adore musical movies, but honestly, ask _dangerkitty_, just yesterday I was talking about a Bat Boy movie. Siriusly.

And because I realize that I'm probably the only person I know on LJ who has heard (of) Bat Boy, within the next couple of days/weeks/whenever, I'll be using You Send It! to put up some of (the best) songs, so you musical nuts can find out what you've been missin'.