November 9th, 2005

text* = DON'T TASE ME BRO!

In which she may possibly be making a few enemies...

I know a good many people on my FL are gettin' all excited about Walk the Line, but let me come out and say it now:

It will be no where near as good as Beyond the Sea. Best. Movie. Ever.

[EDIT: Hahahahahaha, omfgnoway! Kelsey Grammer is Beast?! Woooo, Frasier, how you make me laugh! (Oh God, this almost totally makes up for the fact that Brian Singer is preoccupied with Supey. And the Hell is this, the kid from "Flash Forward" is playing Angel?! Aaaaaaggghhhhhhhomggeekout!! WTF, and Juggernaut?! Shit, they really got the effects budget with this one. And avast, what is this? Olivia Williams is Dr. MacTaggart? Yippie!]