May 11th, 2002

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One thing leads to another...

[Entry originally posted here, on May 11, 2002 at 7:11 am. Reposted for my own sanity.]

Quote of the Day:"'Yes, yes, and Sam stinks!' answered Gollum."

Grr, not alot of time with precious lately, as I have band coming out of my rear, with the start of pit orchestra and all. Man, the music for "Into the Woods" is friggin hard! Why can't AMT do something I know like "Phantom..."; then I could picture Hugh Jackman up on stage singing it...yummy...but now I'll have to find someone who'll let me borrow their piccolo.

Speaking of that well-sculpted-chisel-chest-ball-of-berserker-yumminess, I recently found out that he's "definitely" involved with Ep. III. Too bad it won't be out until 2005. No word yet on what exactly he'll do, but I'll keep ya posted.

More speaking of?! Ack!~~I finally got that pic online that I made. Y'know, the PWF one? Well, here it is: . Just copy the url into the addres bar and go from there. And of course, a very special thanks out to m'friend Gandalf the White for up-loading it. Without him none of it would be possible.

Oh, I finally submitted my song parody to the Figwit Lives! site. DUH emailed me saying that they'd definitely put it on the site, although not for awhile since theve got alot of stuff and don't want to add it all at once. Can't wait to see it though.

I probably won't be able to do alot today. I've got this huge band concert to piece together and will end up being at school all day. However, I might be able to do a bit during our lunch-break. After all, you cant keep em waitin!

Hmm, for some reason everyone seems to be upset with me and my decision to drop out of the band officer race. My friends, people going for other offices, the competition, even the Director! They all think I should reconsider, but I'm not too sure.

Figwit/Bret enCOUNTERs:0 (Hey, why isn't HE in Star Wars?!)

Prettiest: Figwit (Ooh, and with Hugh's chest and Viggo's arms!...Almost too much to comprehend.)