May 8th, 2002

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A sad Wraith...:(

[Entry originally posted here, on May 8, 2002 at 3:04 pm. Reposted for my own sanity.]

Quote of the day:'Alright, I'll tackle Strider by the campfire: he's less testy...'--Merry

Well, I found out today that next year will be the worst of my years in High School. It turns out my band teacher,(who in reality, is more of a friend to all of us; we always hang out and go eat together and everything) won't be teaching at our school next year. She was giving an offer to complete her Masters from USF that she couldn't refuse. And next season was already going to be bad, since there's a new High School next year and alot of our good players have to go there. All in all a very sad day.

So enough of this mopey and depressive jargin, I need to cheer myself up. Oh yeah, yesterday I decided to have a little fun and screw around with Precious. I finally figured out how to make and customize a bitmap, and I designed a new little logo ditty, like the PHF one on the bottom,(only this one is for all my fellow wraith-fanciers out there); I'll see later if I can up-load it somewhere. It's quite cute, really.

Arrg, I just realized how behind I am on my online "work". Looks like I'll have to pull an all-nghter. Hmm, only problem is the soonest chance I have will be during the summer, when the Balrog and Yrch-bint got o Orlando,(I'm seriously thinking about staying here; I need to find a job and get some money). Only it's been awhile since I've seen msclo and her dad usually puts on a good show for the Fourth. Maybe it's the firewirks he has to buy out of state because they're illegal in Florida, hmm?

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