May 4th, 2002

text* = DON'T TASE ME BRO!

Mean people suck.

[Entry originally posted here, on May 4, 2002 at 12:00 pm. Reposted for my own sanity.]

Ahh, not much going on today. Then again it's still pretty early here,(around noon).

Haven't see SpiderMan yet, and not sure I really want to. I've been into everything Marvel for years and have always loved the comics, but I'm still a little upset that the Green Goblin looks like something out of Power Rangers. At least he's not wearing the purple.

Missed X-MEN today. Grr...

Oh, and need I mention that I hate mean people? There I was this morning on AIM, talking to this dude in CA. We were having this really nice convo, just hanging out and joking and what-not, when all of a sudden he starts callin' me "white trash"! So I did the one thing I could do: EAT HIM! Didn't taste good, tho.

Oh, and incase you're blind and haven't noticed I'm now a member of quite a few diaryrings. There were alot more I was thinking about but I decided I'm in enough for now. I especially like the duck and Evil-One. haha!
Have disovered that EPA has been visually raping Figgy from afar. So I bit a good sized chunk out of her Leggy, literally getting a "piece" of him.

Why are there no other PFF's? Am I alone?

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