May 1st, 2002

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In which she has other journals, too...

A list of all my other journals, communities, etc.

[EDIT: In light of recent events, I'm posting all of my contact info/journal at places other than LiveJournal. Should the Great Fandom Exodus ever truly occur, you can find me...

Under the username threthiel at Greatest Journal;

Under the username threthiel at Insane Journal; and once again

Under the username threthiel at Diaryland.

may be more on the way (to make up for my VOX account I just deleted (along with my lovely hate note feedback I sent to 6A)). I will continue to update with links as the situation becomes clearer. Also from this point on, all of my journal entries will be cross-posted to GJ and IJ (D-land uses a different source code, so using Semagic won't quite work with that.]

- the_muddy_brown - Saruman @ hobbitfanciers (Retired)
- iconer - Icons, graphics, etc.
- man_in_glasses - Noah Bennet @ heroesrpg (Retired)
- sympathyvote - Heidi Petrelli @ heroesrpg (Retired)
- bigbadbennet45 - Noah Bennet @ heroescrackrpg (Cancelled)
- notabetch - Mr. Muggles @ heroescrackrpg (Cancelled)
- lawl_n_oduhr - Chuck Norris (THE SAME!) @ heroescrackrpg (Cancelled)
- cornonthekabob - Cracktacular journal of crack. EVERYWHERE.
- silent_profit - Silent Bob @ Rivelata. Current.

- suitcase_fans - Fan comm for the_sc_files.
- noaire - Heroes Noah/Claire ship comm.
- omgwtfchat - Crack chat comm. And crack.
- chandy_man - "Chandra/children OTP" comm.
chuck_meta - Chuck vs. the Episode Meta.
omg_sonotorious - 'So NoTORIous' fan comm.
text* = DON'T TASE ME BRO!


Prompt table for heroes50. My claim: Mr. Muggles. Comm is closed. Any further writings are done for my own pleasure.

01 Wish. 02 Need. 03 Dream. 04 Search. 05 Destroy.
06 Fly. 07 Swim. 08 Freeze. 09 Jump. 10 Run.
11 Mother. 12 Father. 13 Brother. 14 Sister. 15 Child.
16 Love. 17 Hate. 18 Sex. 19 Apathy. 20 Work.
21 Second. 22 Minute. 23 Hour. 24 Day. 25 Year.
26 Birth. 27 Life. 28 Death. 29 Heaven. 30 Hell.
31 Earth. 32 Air. 33 Fire. 34 Water. 35 Spirit.
36 Rain. 37 Snow. 38 Wind. 39 Sun. 40 Moon.
41 Crimson. 42 Mask. 43 Breath. 44 Sacrifice. 45 Devour.
46 Writer's Choice. 47 Writer's Choice. 48 Writer's Choice. 49 Writer's Choice. 50 Writer's Choice.


#18 Sex - Who's In Charge Here? (Mr. Muggles/Peter/Lyle): Rating: PG-13 - In all actuality, neither one of them knew how they had landed in their current position.

#20 Work - Company Picnic (Mr. Muggles/Great Dane, Thompson/Bennet): Rating: PG - Even in the canine world, there is a Company pecking order.

#46 Writer's Choice - This is really gonna happen NO JOKE. (future!Mr. Muggles/future!Peter/future!Lyle/future!Sylar): Rating: R (I jest) - DOGPYLE... of the FUTURE! (Pure and utter crack no, I don't need to be committed.


Special (Gabriel/Sylar (NOT the pairing!)): Rating: PG(-13?) - He was everything a parent could possibly want in a child. He was special.

Talk about a surprise! (Sylar/Claire): Rating: PG-13 - Clearly, this was going to be an event he wouldn't soon forget.

AWARDS (All banners link to winning fic)

DOGPYLE pwns ur soulz


cazrolime - An Intergalactic Orgy - Caz took drabble requests in thefandoms of 'Doctor Who', 'Heroes', and PotC. I asked for all three rolled into one. >.< The result was an insanely hilarious threesome featuring Ten/Sylar/Jack. And Martha is watching. (Written June 2, 2007)

cazrolime - That Night at the Motel (or, "How Inane Can I Make This Title?") - I admit, back in my early days of the 'Heroes' fandom, I was a hardcore Mylar shipper. Thus, it was no surprise (only, it totally was) that come my birthday, Caz wrote me cracky Mylar PWP! And there was much rejoicing. (Written June 20, 2007)

hymenchan - All Kinds of Fur - (Leaked set pics + YTMND) * two fangirls whose RPing is SRS BZNS = Tam writing HRG/Claire fairytale! fic for mah berfday. :3 (Written June 21, 2007)

hymenchan - LOL can it b sexai tiem nau plz? (ROFL ORGY) - Okay, so it's not really written for me, but it was heavily inspired by a RE-UHL LYFE OCKUHRRINSE!!1one1 Basically, bwhahahabeck, hymenchan, vespalicious, and myself got a little carried away on AIM one night, and LEET!SMUT was born. Proof that crack is awesome. (Written June 23, 2007)

hymenchan - Do It For Me - Tam wrote a mile high Pylaire threesome for me, as part of the celebration of the Life Changing Trip '07. And it was EPIX. (Written Aug. 23, 2007)

hymenchan - Untitled DOGPYLE Comment Fic - Featuring everything WRONG about Heroes shipping, including Chylar, Mr. Muggles and Kaito pwning the World(!), Chonty, (Cheveryone, pretty much), and of course, that bastion of underage bestiality slash: DOGPYLE. (Written Oct. 14, 2007)

senor_coconut_1 - Untitled Alejandro/Derek Comment Fic, part 2 - The pairing was Ale/Derek, with the prompt "prison wife". Crack ensued. Very hot crack, with lots of yelling and things getting lost in translation. Actually, said things were lost BEFORE translation, but it's all good. (Written Oct. 15, 2007)