April 24th, 2002

text* = DON'T TASE ME BRO!


[Entry originally posted here, on April 24, 2002 at 11:10 am. Reposted for my own sanity.]

Waahhh!!! So sad that this is my last update for a while. Having second thoughts about going, and would probably stay if it didn't mean wasting $350. Grr...I hope the hotel has public access comps, otherwise I might have to go Second Age on somebody's rear. At least I don't have to worry about Figwit. My claim has been made and he will be well protected on my journey to Angband.</p>

I've decided that I need to mark myself while away, so any other Ringers I might run into will recognize me. So last night, (around 12:30) I found a shirt in my closet that I barely ever wear, and attackedit with my Sharpie. So far it just says: FIGWIT LIVES! But I'm thinking of putting something on the back. Perhaps: ...and he's MINE! (Hmm...debating ehether or not I should add: MY OWN! MY PRECIOUS!) I can't talk much though, as I'm saving my throat for the weekend-long Quack fest.

For some reason I just recently realized that I live in a world full of whack-o's,(other than me, of course). Well, I guess there's just no denying it once you notice people running around screaming, "Gandalf is my MOTHER!" and receive the same email from five different people. And then there was that email that started screaming at me...uhh, I'm still freaked out by it. Especially since my speakers were all the way up. Now who needs caffeine in the morning when you've got that!

Heehee...Can't wait til the Bret McKenzie interview is put up on the Figwit site. Lucky DUH! (How come everyone but the duck gets some? not fair...)

Yes Eli, anyone can dream. But only those special select few can have nightmares! (Mine are about the evil email)

Figwit/Bret enCOUNTERs: 0 (Perhaps a look-alike lives in Angband?)

Pretiest: Figwit (Well DUH!)