April 22nd, 2002

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Requiem for the hackers

[Entry originally posted here, on April 15, 2002 at 3:15 pm. Reposted for my own sanity.]

Headline: RIP Lone Gunmen...Ode scheduled for today.</p>

Ugh, my eyes are still sore from last night's cry fest after watching The X-files. I went into the episode knowing that somebody had to die, but I had no idea that it would end up being three of my favourite 'somebodies'. Still, it had to be done,(especially after last years cancellation of theur short-lived spin-off series). At least I can't argue about the way it was carried out, and I was glad to catch up on some smaller, but still important characters.

The episode started as one of the usual 'goof' epi's: crude humour, and overly cliched jokes about Florida. But soon after the recurring problem of the super-soldiers arose, and it ended up with the Lone Gunmen,(Langley, Frohicke, and Byers) locking themselves in an air-tight room with, for lack of a better term, a human bio-chem weapon. At least the poor guys were buried at Arlington...Mulder would be proud.

It's kinda sad that the only other prople that are gonna be upset is the weekend crowd at Tate's Comics. To voice your support for the hacking "exposers", visit thex-files.com, and help me send loads of morose and depressing mail to Chris Carter. Fight the good fight, never give up. JOEY LIVES!

In other news, I recently had to fight the urge to smash my head through a concrete wall. For some reason my American Lit. teacher decided that today was a good day to play hookie,(that's three in a row, Ms. U. For shame...). Her first hour got off lucky: they sat in class with no supervision and watched a movie and got caught up in their nap-time. This Duck however, wasn't so fortunate. My class got the priveledge of sitting in internal suspension for the two hours, where I was forced to sit on the tile,(actually, it's cheap linoleum) floor, which would explain why my bum is so sore,(but you didn't know that, did you? spoo...). Oh well, at least I got to catch up on my reading,(not to mention my delinquent skills).

Daily Figwit report:

For those who haven't been on the ringzone lately, I've begun my stalk of the supreme entity. So far, it's been pretty successful! He must be receiving all my love notes,(or perhaps everyone else's warnings) since he's been all shifty-eyed lately. All I can do is thank Stape for getting him all fit-shaced, as it was easier for me to tackle him. But I must say, he does give a pretty good fight, when he's not running around like a mad-man...that's MY job. Hmm...I should remedy that...

Well sportsfans, thats all I've got for you today. But tune in tomorrow for more of my exciting little escapades! It'll probably be the last for awhile, until I get back Sunday night. But feel free to sign my BRAND SPANKIN' NEW GUESTBOOK!!

Figwit/Bret enCOUNTERs: 0 (Hmm...perhaps I should begin following his band and comedy act, no?)

Prettiest: Still Figwit