April 21st, 2002

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Much ado about Figwit

[Entry originally posted to here, on April 21, 2002 at 5:39 pm. Reposted for my own sanity.]

Today’s episode: Much ado about Figwit...</p>

For all you fans out there of Cassie Claire’s The Very Secret Diaries of the Fellowship, check this out: I made a request to one of my IM contacts and a fellow member of the m/b’s at http://www.ringzone.net,(who considers herself somewhat of a ‘Cassie-in-training’) to write up a new secret diary. This one though, had to be Figwit. She’s also written diaries for Eowyn, Wormtongue, (Eomer,) and is currently working on Shadowfax. Can’t wait.

And is that ME(!) In there?! Hmm...wouldn’t really mind doing obscene things to his Elfhood. What? Legolas WHO? Oh, the son of Weenus, right?

Hmm...speaking of that Oh-so-gorgeous Elf, check out Figwit Lives! Enjoy.

Ugh! I’m too exhausted. Am currently preparing myself for a trip this week to Myrtle Beach, SC. I have a band comp. there next Sat.,(go bando’s!) but the simple fact that its three states away forces us to leave Thur. morning,(at 6! Too early...). So if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ll have to be away from here starting then, (or Wed., I might spend the entire day with friends who are also going). So in the mean time, you can entertain yourselves with some of my friends diaries: Hesteen, Sugarspunsis, and my sis’, Elephant497.Enjoy!

In other news, I’m V. happy that I finally got my camera developed. Why you ask? One word: Blast! Now you give me an explanation of how so many hot, (not to mention SWEATY!) guys could be in ONE Broadway show. I was so excited. Went to see the show twice,(putting me back about $80) and won a special Meet & Greet session with them, (complete with clinics...ooh, the sheer joy of it all). Neways, I got to take pix with some of the guys,(Mr. Flugelhorn Frank Sullivan in particular) and was overwhelmed by the massive amounts of sweat excreting onto me that I nearly passed out,(couldn’t fight urge to bottle some of it).

Well peeps, TTFN! See ya later.

Figwit/Bret enCOUNTERs: 0,(I’ve heard that my sis looks like him, does that count?)

Prettiest: Figwit...although Mr. Flugelhorn comes in close...