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In which she doesn't quite think that Orff is appropriate...

So I'm going over my music library trying to figure out what songs to use for the processional and recessional (my goal is to NOT use the same old pieces everyone else does), and to put it bluntly, so far THIS is my number one choice for the former. (On a slightly lighter note (WATCH HOW I DOTH PUN!) 'Jupiter' is my current choice for the latter.)


In a wholly unrelated topic, anyone else remember when John Williams DIDN'T suck??? Anyone? Bueller?

I've also managed to pick my dress back up from David's after getting altered (it now fits fine and dandy), had nearly $150 worth of M&M's delivered to the house, ordered the cakes, had my rings re-sized, ordered Josh's ring (at least until we can afford the ones we really want), had my 2nd trimester screening done, and gotten my fix of potato oles from Taco John's. (I've been craving them so hard lately.)

Now, if only we can figure out a way to get to the courthouse and, y'know, actually get our marriage license. That might help.

[EDIT: Whilst complaining to my sister on how there is NO GOOD non-cliched wedding appropriate classical music out there because OMG I AM NOT USING 'CANON IN D', she recommended I watch the following (which I had surprisingly never seen/heard before). I present to you: Pachelbel Rant...]

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