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In which she has nothing original to add to the conversation...

In lieu of an actual entry, here's some shit I stole from IMDb! :D

Remember my fantasy Christmas Wish List from my last entry? Well, add THIS to it! Sadly, they don't come in king size. *laments*

While an actual remake of Charlie Brown Christmas would royally piss me off, I can still laugh at the proposed cast over here. Jonah Hill as Chuck? YES PLEASE. Keanu as Marcie?? My, what FABULOUS crack you have!! Rpattz as Pig-Pen??? INSPIRED BY TRUTH!!!

And, umm...

the give me anything meme

Oh, and here. Have a haiku...

Haiku2 for threthiel9
booty booty drop
booty booty booty drop
booty booty drop
Created by Grahame
Tags: cartoons, casting, christmas, father of my children, holidays, imdb, links, lj, memes, old school, presents, star wars

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