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In which she does the mating dance of the meme-h0rz...

First off, HOMGYEY I has a meme from cazrolime involving icons! Meme as follows: Reply and I will pick six icons; make an entry, talking about the icons; rinse and repeat.

My DEFAULT icon is what it is for numerous reasons. First, my .gif icon skillz only cover manic flashing color inverts (because I suck). Second, I needed an equally manic representation of my CAPSLOCK tendancies (because one wasn't enough). And finally, because this is possibly one of, if not THE greatest reality-based internet memes in like, forever. I also like to use it when believability is not quite believable.

I don't use it enough, but my DHARMA/helix OTP? Y/Y icon is always escaping the chopping block (read BALEET). In the crazy mixed up panfandom universe that is my brain, these shows are set in the same reality, and an since this covers Official Weirdness (tm) in both, it just works.

Umm, yeah. If you've known me for any length of time you've probably realized that I tend to CAPS!lapse a lot. Usually I couldn't even tell you what I'm capsing about. So yeah. Dean shares in my hysterifusion.

Okay, I STILL do not have enough MST3K icons (this is, in fact, impossible as one can NEVER have enough MST3K icons). But Mary Martin Mr. B Natural is possibly one of teh greatest EVAR. Plus, the trumpet part is there for my inner, relapsed band nerd, and the bong part, well... BONGS = FUNNEH.

Temple of Doom is my LEAST favorite Indy movie, but seeing Dr. Jones all :C is priceless. Add the music in the original format over at YTMND and you have a winnar!

Let me say this: Back to the Future is the Best. Movie. EVAR. Period. And Huey Lewis (minus the news) channeling his inner Ty Pennington is all sorts of huuuuuuerrnnnnngggggg. Once more, this comes in handy when I'm being all LOUD and CAPSLOCKY.

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