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In which she knows what she wants (and she wants it NOW!)...

Christmas is coming. Unsure of what to get me? Need ideas? I CAN HAZ ECTO?!

From Screamscape Dot Com:

Park News - (10/8/08) Universal Studios Florida fans who miss the old Ghostbusters show may want to sit up and take notice. The Ghostbusters ECTO-1 used at the theme park is currently up for sale on Ebay. According to the description, the studio only authorized three of these made, two to be used in the films and this one built exclusively for Universal Studios Florida. The bidding is already up to $45k right now and ends on October 11th.

You know, with all the rumors flying around about the possibilities of a third Ghostbusters movie going into some form of production, this could be a VERY hot commodity.

But if money is an issue, these sweet babies will suffice.

ION, whilst horsing around I managed to cut a huge raggedy gash in my gums.

Using my fingernail.

Tags: broke-ness, christmas, clothes, ebay, geekout, links, movies, omg, ouch, presents

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