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In which she needs a hobby, new or not...

You know that feeling you get when you're really bored, like super bored, and you can only really think of one thing to do to relieve the boredom, but you're kind of hesitant because it's not really something your particularly skilled at and don't have that great of a grip on, and you're pretty sure it's not really gonna work out in the end anyway, and run-on sentences are fun, and eeuuuuuuuuunnnggghh...???

Yeah, pretty much me right now.

My dilemma stems from a not-so-sudden lack of things to do. Josh and I always have conflicting hours with work, it's too far of a drive for me to go chill with my sister, and the money for anything else just doesn't exist.

So I got to thinking: THE INTERNET. It's a pretty damn big place. There are always happening things to do, all while sitting in the comfort of your home, still dressed in your jimjams and likely pigging out on various foods of junk-like quality. Perhaps I should *insert my cringing here* JOIN AN RP.

For the record, I have nothing against RPs, or the people who play them (whether casually or extensively), or anything else about them. I only mentioned my inner cringe because I've never been a very good RPer. I can write a character and get into the given situation without much problem. The thing that gets me all "Brain! No work! Hurrrrrrr..." is all the different technicalities involved in the whole thing.

Tagging? Pretty much just commenting back and keep the thread active, right? I can get that. But logs? WTF IS THAT? Plus, I totally plead guilty to being absolute shit when it comes to actually starting threads. Like I said, "hurrrrrrrr". So...

Tags: boredom, flist: gen, help, internet life, lj, owwwo, rping

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