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In which she hopes the vids won't be pulled any time soon...

So the big nerd news right now is the first 15 minutes of the Heroes S3 premiere that leaked on YouTube. By this point, I'll assume most, if not all of you have seen it, but I've included a link for posterity.

What has me jazzed is the posting of the TR2N trailer, also shown at ComicCon. This, my friends, will one one balls-to-the-wall piece of badassery. Jeff 'Mutha-Fuggin' Brides, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, and how much do I want one of the new lightcycles?


Fo shizzle.

Especially if, according to the rumors at least, it was scripted by a handful of 'LOST' staff writers. Hells to the fuckin' yeah, people.
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