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In which she hails The New Flesh...

There are absolutely no words (NONE!) that can possibly describe just how much I'm dying to see this. Anyone who can work their internets-fu and find me a demo recording will be the recipient of lots and lots of, well... SOMETHING.

Because seriously. JUST LOOK AT THE STILLS!

Also, I know there's at least one other Jeff Wayne fangirl out there besides me *throws shifty glances towards cazrolime*, so if anyone knows where I can find a recording of this little number, I'd be eternally grateful.

Not to mention a whole mess of other stuff, but that's for another time and day. *coughGLOCKNERcough* (As always, feel free to ask for anything from TEH LIST. There are some new items that have recently been added to the collection, I just haven't had a chance to catalog them all yet.)

ION, I'm kinda bored. Any good memes floating around? </sarcasm>
Tags: articles, boredom, flist: cazrolime, help, links, music, musicals, pics

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