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In which she is here to prove that she has not left (or something like that)...

One thing that makes me all :333 over JG: Whilst joking around the other day, he started dry humping my leg, all the while saying "CALL ME MISTER MUGGLES!" XDDDDDDDDD (I guess this would make me Lyle, y/n? All we need is a Peter and we're ready to go!)

And now a quick update with items that aren't of any real interest...

~ Have yet to start Christmas shopping. I R SLAKR. HEER ME ROR.
~ Just about done with my mail-out presents. All I really need to finish is some quilt batting. You didn't see that.
~ Bought a real bed (KING SIZE, BITCHES!), because the air mattress... broke wasn't cutting it. New bed is big and comfortable and totally broken in accommodating.
~ Have turned JG on to 'LOST', and have gotten him to watch up through 'House of the Rising Sun'. Hoping to marathon our way through the rest of Season 1 in the next few days.
~ Also considering taking him to meet (some of) the fam on Christmas. Plz kill me nau. :|
~ We have our own oft repeated movie quote catchphrases that have become inside jokes: "I'm gonna butter yo' bread" (Super Troopers FTW) and "Thanks for dancing with me."
~ Speaking of which, Superbad is a flipping fantastic movie. TRUFAX.
~ Have decided to name the puppy (once I get it, of course) McLovin, because Katie wouldn't let me call it my first choice: Noob.

Y'know, I should really start updating regularly again. :|

[EDIT: Christmas-y memes of ROFL below ...

On the twelfth day of Christmas, threthiel9 sent to me...
Twelve goonies drumming
Eleven newsies piping
Ten x-files a-leaping
Nine towels dancing
Eight haggis a-milking
Seven kilts a-swimming
Six raoul-cicles a-laying
Five empa-a-a-athic poodles
Four warwick davis
Three julie andrews
Two old-time photos
...and a chuck in a chonty.
Get your own Twelve Days:

In 2008, threthiel9 resolves to...
Tell my family about raoul-cicles.
Put fifty indiana jones a month into my savings account.
Take evening classes in blast!.
Apply for a new crack.
Give some julie andrews to charity.
Eat more old-time photos.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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