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In which she makes her triumphant return...

Well, I'm back. [/oft overused quote but OMG ILU Samwise]

So I have finished moving and have my internet back and OMFG Heroes is fucking fantastic on an obscenely big ass HD-TV and run-on sentences are fun and now I'm gonna go back about akuhbajillion entries and try to catch up on everything.

LIFE > me.

[EDIT: Forgot to mention that Katie is officially the best roommate EVAR because she is getting me a puppy for Christmas. A FUCKING PUPPY. It's half bulldog, half bluetick coonhound, and 100% goofy looking (at least I assume so; I've yet to see it). Also, being slightly irresponsible is fun, y/y?]
Tags: crack math, edits, heroes, internet, internet life, links, lj, lotr, mclovin, moving, omg, quotes, roommate, tv

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