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In which she is sure the level of her thought processes is sub-par...

So the following SPOILER popped up in noaire, and my initial reaction was... well, I'm sure it wasn't what would normally be expected.

Yes, a chunk of me did go all "ZOMG HRG NUUUUUU!!!", but my first response was more along the lines of "BWAAAAAHAHA MR. MUGGLES IS COMFORTING LYLE LMFAOOOOO! (HOMG WHERE'S PETER DOGPYLE NEEDS HIM?!?!)"

And the shippers (all five of us) did flip much shit.

Clearly, my mind is where it shouldn't be.

ION, I someone managed to convince my sister to go ghost hunting with me on Tuesday. Step-mother 2.0 found me an old late-Civil War era cemetery the other day (earliest readable date is 1860, but she said there were a lot of headstones that were so weathered down they were unreadable), and after we check out that place we'll probably hit up some of the big sites over in St. Augustine. (I still haven't worked up the balls to go into Cassadaga. The people there just freak me the fuck out (seriously, they stare at you as you drive by!)

Now I'm just trying to beef up the itinerary by checking out local "places of interest" online. Hit me up if you know any central Florida hot spots.
Tags: comm: noaire, family, ghost hunting, heroes, rl, spoilers

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