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In which she feels like she's actually done something...


I don't know why you decided to give me a visit, but it's really nice to see you. God, it's been such a long time. You look good! New diet? Haircut? Oh really? Yeah, really. NO WAI!!1

... *looks up* No, I am not crazy.

BUT I am extremely pleased with myself! I feel like I got so much accomplished last night and YAY. Lots of YAY.

First off, Katie came over and we were able to move more stuff. Right now there's nothing left in the living room and Timmy's toy room except for the couch, a few empty bookcases, the TV, and computer. Katie's room is almost emptied out, and I finally started packing up my room. Right now I've basically packed half my books (I have A LOT of them :|), my CD cases (since I keep all my CDs in a binder), stereo (I usually just play them in my DVD player anyway), a bunch of power cords for various things, all most of my loose fabric (I think I still have a bolt over at my parents house... along with a lot of other things), my patterns, costume accessories/props (except my sword and rifle, which are also at my parents house), and as soon as I get more boxes I will pack more. YAY.

Then after she left I somehow managed to put down a good amount of TEH HORS-GHEE, which was taking nigh on forever to get planted in my brain and work itself out but now it's there and YAY. I just need like, not even two more lines and I'm done with this part HOMG YAY. Side note: Okay, The List? The part with all the clothes? We TOTALLY need to add on the ski-mask. TRUFAX.

Then I started fleshing out my Future AU Paitlin, and I really hope I can get the kinks worked out of it because LET ME TELL YOU INTERNET, I am lovin' it. No shit. Lotsa YAY.

All I need to do now is finish the current piece I'm working on for heroes50 (Muggles/Angela's fluffy coat, if you must know), which is about half way done already, so if I can just beat myself into submission to, y'know, sit down and actually do it, I can probably finish up in no time at all. Which would mean even MOAR YAY.


Also, the Scottish Festival is in a little more than two months. I WANT A KILT! And I'm thinking that when I finally get a tattoo it might be something along these lines, y/n?

[EDIT: AND! It's going to take me a little longer to get the CDs out than I expected, so when they actually are sent, some of you will be receiving your ChristmaChannuRamaKwanzaas presents along with them. The idea for them hit me last night and OMG EET R EPIX.]
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