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In which she is perhaps thinking too much into this...

So I had a bit of an apostrophe epiphany idea after last night's Heroes.

First things first: I ♥ Paitlin. I dunno why, but every time they're on screen together I get all eeeeeeuuuuungh on the inside (and outside, too) and the warm fuzzies come on and ALL IS WELL. (Who knows, maybe it's an extension of my shippage of the countries of Italy and Ireland as my international OTP. ROFL HI ZACH. :|)


As you can imagine, after the outcome of last night's episode, I was left pretty shaky. Lots of "OMG NUU!" and "HOSHIT SHE'S STUCK IN THE FUTURE WHATSAGONNA HAPPEN?!!1" And then the closet comic book nerd in me got to thinking.


Picture if you will. You're with your boyfriend, who somehow zaps the two of you straight into a dystopian future so OMG BAAAAAAD that it makes Soylent Green look damn near comfortable. After walking around for GODKNOWSHOWLONG without the smallest sign of human life, you're ambushed, stripped, hosed down, sequestered from the one person in this world you know, dressed head-to-toe in what appears to be leftover clothes from an old GAP commercial, and basically told "LOL BACK TO IRELAND YOU GO!" And then at the last second, just when ALL HOPE SEEMS LOST, he's right there and you KNOW he can get you out of this somehow, and then--


I imagine one would be pretty freakin' distraught after that. Add on a decent chunk of time, and you'd probably be straight out PISSED. Not only that, but trying to calmly (or not so calmly, take your pick) explain to people that you're really from 2007, and "I swear I was just in CANADA! D:" People would begin to think you outright crazy. Likely throw you in the loony bin. This of course, would only make you even more pissed, which would in turn would lead to you becoming Verifiably Crazy.

Herein passes what we would like to call TIME.

Now imagine that in the main timeline of the series, we reach some point after June '08. (Probably closer to 2009, or even later. Whatever you'd like, really.) Granted, this particular Future may never end up happening, but the fact that Caitlin/YOU is/are in the Future doesn't change. What is the first thing the average person in that position would want? REVENGE. RETRIBUTION. RETALIATION. PROBABLY LOTS OF OTHER WORDS BEGINNING WITH 'RE-'.

And so you'd dedicate your life to getting it. Which would, in the way These Sorts of Things work, make you a Villain.

So... Yeah.

Much as I love Paitlin, and would like to see a "happy ending" for them (or at least an ending that isn't ended by Caity getting killed off in a lameass way), there's a part of me that thinks seeing them all "GRR, ANGER!" at each other would be a hellagood alternate plot. You have to admit, it is a very comic book-y idea. A lover feels betrayed in some way, seeks their own brand of "justice", though of course the other party is still all "OH NOES IT WASN'T MY FAULT ILU D: D: D:!!". (Heck, we could even say that all the passed time has made her blame him for Ricky's death. I mean, he already feels responsible for that, so HELLO GHOSTS FROM MY PAST.) But, in the End, one of them is forced to destroy the other. After which much heart breaky angst ensues.

Just my two cents.


...y'know, I may have to write that. O_O

ION, I am OMG SO PROUD of myself because for the first time in I don't even know how long I've bought a pair of shoes that didn't come from Wal*Mart. (On the other hand, the the $90 I spend on ONE CD SET instills my constantly underlying guilt/irresponsibility issues. Oh yippie.)
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