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In which she would like LIFE to put it's dick away, thank you very much...

So I finally decided to do something that I should have done a long time ago and am currently writing up my recap report for the Life Changing trip '07/HWT: NY. So far I'm three pages in, and only up to dinner on the first day. And that was a day without pictures, so... :| This is most likely going to turn into a multi-part deal.

Also in the world of recaps, I am sad to announce that, against my own wishes, I'm most likely going to stop doing *flail*-posts for Heroes. While I love the show more than ever, (except for the whole Veronica Mars thing; bad form!) I just don't have the time or energy to do it anymore. Especially with my upcoming transfer/move. I might do an occasional (short) CAPS!post (mainly comprised of a hand full of unfunny one-liners) when I feel up to it, but other than that I wouldn't get my hopes up.

ION, real life is currently the MASTER of mindfuckery, at least with me. Despite me having to close this past Monday (forcing me to watch both Chuck and Heroes off the DVR, OH WOE IS MEEEE!!), everything else was (and there is really no sarcasm here, believe it or not) fan-fucking-tastic! Like, really! It was literally one of the best days I've had at work in a really long time, and it started right after I got out of my car! But then tonight was exactly the opposite. Just sort of... "Well? :|" (Maybe a filter post with more detail, y/n?)

Long story short, I am still getting over whatever it was that I was sick with. Which means that I should under no circumstances partake in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. That said, I shall now flip the proverbial bird to common sense, throw caution to steamin' hot Florida wind steam-fumes, and get myself shit ass drunk. Then I will watch The Jungle Book.

Konichiwa bitches.

[EDIT: Apparently, alcohol makes me a verifiable god of the icon making world, seeing as I haven't managed to crank out one decent icon for months and all of a sudden these three gems decide to pop out of my ass. (For the record, that last one is a result of this crack!manip I felt the need to do, which will soon be unleashed on the unwitting masses over at Deviant Art.) I'll eventually post them to iconer, once I, y'know, have more than three icons to put up...

Clearly, I am not drunk enough.
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