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In which she shares the music...

From hymenchan comes the best meme in the history of EVAR. Lotsa Heart Elephant wants you to know that that's the TRUTH! (Lotsa Heart/Smudge OTP.)

If you want to play, I will burn a CD for you songs that I pick from my media player just for you. I will send it to you in the mail, and your task will be to listen to it... and then report in your lj what songs/artists were on the CD and your opinion on the songs. In exchange for me doing this... you have to agree to repost this meme in your lj and do the same for others.

Here is the track listing for the CD that I got.

01. Crazy Frog - Axel F
Umm, I assume that this is the requisite CRACK song. @_@ Although me being the little white girl raised in da 'hood that I am, I found that this reminded me dearly of the old days back at the Youth Fair riding Polar Express while the carny blared the siren to make you go faster. Sigh... Also, I remember that back when I was in band the trombones had a track of nothing but THE VOICE that they'd use as their quote-unquote theme song.

I miss band. ;___;

[EDIT2: Yaaaay, Tamathan told me the name of the song! \o/ And now after watching the video, I'm convinced that (besides pure crack) this is inspired by crazy drivers everywhere. New York cabbies included.]

02. I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts - Danny Kaye
Bwaaaaahahahhaa. Coconuts. ROFLROFL I now feel the need to watch The Lion King. And The Jungle Book. Singing "roll a bowl a ball a penny a pitch!"

03. Bacardi - Nada Surf
I get the feeling that this is in reference to my, uh... habitual drinking on teh intrawebz, lmao. I've never heard this song before, but !!!!! Me likey. I like how it (musically) captures all the different aspects of being drunk, from "OMG PARTAY!" to "Dude, that was so not a good idea. *headdesk*"

04. Star Wars Cantina - Mark Jonathan Davis
OH MY GOD. XDDD The entire time I was listening to this I kept flashing back to that SPN vid (Metallicar/Millenium Falcon OTP). The sad thing is I've now heard this song so many times that instead of singing along, I recite the voices/sound effects. X|

05. Don't Marry Her - Beautiful South
O______O I honestly have no idea where this one came from. But HOMG I lurve it. ♥

06. The Llama Song - Burton Earny
SWEET JEEBUS THIS SONG IS GOING TO BE STUCK IN MY HEAD ALL DAY MONTH. And then I spam you all with misshallelujah's Sawyer Song, bwahahaha!

07. She Blinded Me With Science - Thomas Dolby
W00t, 80s! \m/ There were a good many weekday nights back around 1996 where I'd be listening to this song like it was nobody's business. Even now, I can often be found at work with finger extended randomly proclaiming "SCIENCE!" for no apparent reason. That's the kind of person I am. :|

08. Sex on the Beach - Vengaboys
When this one first started I was like "WTF, a 'Come to Jamaica' commercial? I haven't seen one of those in FOREVER!" Now, I think this is just another veiled lovingly joke-ful reference to my total lack of Action. XD That, and I now feel the need to visit a Six Flags park.

09. White and Nerdy - Weird Al
Um, because it's my THEME SONG, duhr. :B Seriously, like, over half of the references in this song are totally applicable to me... I'm pretty sure that's not something I should be bragging about, either.

10. Wham Rap - Wham!

11. Dick in a Box - JT (feat. Andy Samberg)
This needs no explanation, but I'll say it anyway. It is all THIS ICON. Seriously, who wouldn't want that?

12. Naughty Boy - Gunther

13. Instant Pleasure - Rufus Wainwright
And it was in this moment that Amy, long deprived from the audio tones which did now occupy her hears, became a Rufus Wainwright fangirl, and lo! it was good. Honestly, I don't know how I've avoided hearing anything by him all these years, but... DAYUM. Me likey. Also, "HIIIII, I need to get laid! :D"

14. Secret Agent Man - Johnny Rivers
This is soooo my/HRG's theme song. Only, I'm not a man.

At least i wasn't the last time I checked.


15. Weird Science - Oingo Boingo
80s music multiplied by the power of Danny Elfman equals WEEN! Not to be confused with Ween. I also really want to go out and rent this movie now. Along with Weekend at Bernie's.

16. Ding Dong Song - Gunther
LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO GUNTHER WILL NEVER GET OLD!! I seriously need to start referring to people's ewwy bits as "tra-la-las" and "ding ding dongs".

17. In My Life - The Beatles
Awwwwwwww this reminds me of New York! *flails* :333333333 Game over, man. Game over!

18. Amnesia - Chumbawamba mean Chumbawamba had songs other than Tubthumping?! I-- was completely unaware of this. O_O Now that I think about it, Dirty Work is my new 'Rent This NAU' movie. Also, the opening bars sounded a bit like a remixed version of Spice Girls' Wannabe. XD

19. Is It Really so Strange? - The Smiths
This song! It's, uhh... kinda how I'm feeling recently. Which is whack, because I've never heard this song before. It also kind of reminds me of The Proclaimers' I'm gonna Be (500 Miles). Which is awesomesauce because they're both rockin' songs.

20. So Long and Thanks For All the Fish - Hitchhiker's Guide OST
I'm now convinced that if Mr. Muggles were a dolphin, this would be his theme song. TRUFAX. Since he is NOT a dolphin, I find it highly amusing that he would be the only other living creature to survive the destruction of the earth. Later, he would set up shop on the Nakamura Takei asteroid. YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE!

21. There's Always Someone Cooler Than You - Ben Folds
It's not even funny how totally ADDICTED to this song I've become. It's like, the only thing I listen to anymore. In the car, on my computer, in the shower, EVERYWHERE. It's just so catchy, and "loldeep", and !!!!

And that's that. I can't wait to burn the CDs for this one! Some of you (you shall remain nameless) already have most of, if not ALL your songs picked out and ordered. I am THAT excited.

Now, off to work on the STORY THAT ATE FANDOM! O:

[EDIT: Whoops, forgot something... If you'd like to play along, but are a bit paranoid of having your mailing address up on LJ FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE, MWAHAHAAAAA! just send me an email through my LJ address (or hit me up on AIM), with the subject line "CD meme".]
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