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In which she suddenly has numerous things to accomplish...

First off, I got more porn. senor_coconut_1 was kind/awesome enough to write me Alejandro/Derek (which SHAME ON YOU, FANDOM, FOR NOT WRITING THIS SOONER!). There is crack (which is expected, given that the prompt I gave her was "prison wife"), and some mighty hiLARious Spanish going on. I highly recommend it.

While we're on the topic, WHY has no one written Linderman/McSorley, yet? You're really slacking these days, fandom. *waggles finger*

Next topic of discussion, ZOMG TAM I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!!!! *EPIX FLAILZ0RZ* I shall analyze the track list shortly (as soon as I stop ROFLing from it, LMAO). Also, I ACCEPT YOUR OFFER/CHALLENGE! Again, as soon as I stop laughing uncontrollably from what I have, I shall begin work on it. *breaks out THE LIST and ponders*

Item the Third, this being Monday, it is both 'Chuck' and 'Heroes' night! \o/ I missed posting my metas this past week (Y HALO DAR STRESS!), but hopefully I'll be able to do them this time around. If only I weren't scheduled for six tomorrow morning, I'd have 'em up tonight.

Item the Third Point Five: 'Chuck' fans! Join chuck_meta! I'd really like to get it going ASAP and I can only do it if there are people willing to participate!

Fourth matter for today, although more stress is NOT what I need at the moment (and my writing powhurz are currently devoted to hymenchan's Evil Purposes), I find myself just ACHING to jump in on the current challenge at rare_heroes. I've already got my pairing(s) and basic storyline down (Muggles/Queequeg, with a side order of Bennet/Mulder, anyone?), so really all I have to do is put it down. But... We'll see.

Fifthly (and lastly), I had a dream last night that, while it was one of the best dreams I've had in a LONG TIME (and also one of the most... graphic :| ) and possibly may have been caused by the level of alcohol in my system, it's probably going to do more damage than good in the long run, coming from a purely emotional/mental POV. Which (once again!) is high up on my DO NOT NEED/WANT list.

And that's that.

[EDIT: ROFL Monty. XD]
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