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In which she would like to point out that the writers are now the ones writing the crack ships...

My Official Recap for heroes_meta. Episode 202 'Lizards'.

Squeeing, and CAPSing, and SPOILERS, oh my!

Let me start by saying that at this same time last week, I was pretty sure that the whole Peter: In Ireland! storyline was going to be my least favorite. (Sort of like last seasons early Hawders plot, y'know?)

But now? I think I might be in love with it. And it's not because of the accents, because honestly, I can't even tell whether they're right or OMFG WRONG. You know what it is? Those [insert kinda-slightly-but-not-really-racist stereotypical name for the Irish people HERE] are (unintentionally) hi-fucking-larious! They're almost what it would look like if a group of awkward seventh graders decided to break their way into the world of organized crime.

Although sometimes I wonder just how much of his memory Petey has lost. Like, when the Irish dudes are all "TELL US WHERE THE iPODS ARE, N00B!!", is Peter just "I dunno", or is it more of a "WTF IS AN iPOD?????" (And just for the record, Ireland/Mexico OTP. UNOIT.)

Random point: This may very well be one of my favorite placements for the episode title card EVAR.

Here is where I gush on about how much I prefer this season's Claire to last season's. Because REALLY. She is like, Pathetic Small-time Superhero(ine). "FEAR NOT, mother! I shall save thy ring from the Boiling Water Pot of Death! *pose*"
(Which coincidentally leads me to say that, in some crazy mixed-up AU, Claire could theoretically have saved Gollum from frying inside of Mount Doom after he jumped in after a ring. Just sayin'.)

What I love even more is Sandra's reaction. "Uhh, or I could've, y'know, DRAINED IT. God, I knew we shouldn't have put you through public school."

This whole episode just goes on to affirm HRG's eternal badassery. Because making copies IZ SRS BZNS. Even if he is doing it in that "stupid shirt" LMAO.

So yes, I guess you could say that I ♥ the Bennets Butlers.

That, and I was eerily shocked to discover that Costa Verde bears a striking resemblance to Florida. Except for the mountains. Unless you were on the set of 'Drive', in that case "WHY YES, THERE ARE MOUNTAINS IN GAINESVILLE! :D (Research? What's that?)"

Mystery Sock! Your paintings will forever live on... In the Bennets Butlers' living room. :/

HAHHAHAAHAHAHA, Matt, you are too much. It's like, a kids first football game, and he's just OMG SO HAPPY to be there, and then all of a sudden the coach calls him in and all he can say is "Uhr, WHUT?" ILU Matt.

Hmm, let's see, a scene atop the Deveaux Building, with both Matt and Ando. I wonder when we can see fic? (I shall call it MANDO! \o/)

Black Detective Dude: "Do you know of anybody that could do something like that?"
Matt: "Well, let's see, that Nathan guy can fly, Bennet's daughter can, y'know, NOT GET HURT, and I'm pretty sure I might've heard something about an invisible guy, so yes! I do know somebody that could do those things."
Black Detective Dude: "..."
Matt: "Oh, that was a rhetorical question, wasn't it?"

Dude. WHAT IS UP with Ando's hair?? It's like, all defiant of gravity, and it's practically reaching up to the heavens! (Although I believe we may have figured out exactly where future!Sylar got the inspiration for his broom!hair.)

And, umm. I think I might actually state for the record that I think the dude who killed Kaito is Kensei (only now known as Kane). Yes, it sounds completely n00bish, but when Ando was all "EET IZ DAH CYMBAL OF CANSAY; I R SHO SMRT!" I just sort of... O_O Yeah.

Seriously, Hiro. Could you possibly be any hornier for History?!?! (Sadly, the first thing I thought was the whole "It's just like Frontierland at Disney!" scene from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Now I'm just trying to figure out whether Hiro is Keanu Reeves or Alex Winter.)

Remember how last week I said that Kensei was like, an exact clone of the Dread Pirate Roberts? Well, I'm taking that back. He's totally (drunken!) Inigo Montoya. (That's TWO Princess Bride characterizations, Kring! Three if you count the Copy Kingdom manager as Prince Humperdink.)

You know, for a corporate city boy who spent his early years playing with action figures and GameBoys, Hiro is a pretty hardcore equestrian. Especially considering he'd wearing at least 40+ pounds of armor.

Mr. Zern,
Could you, um, please try to look a bit less like the Kringmeister. Because you're really confusing the shit out of me.
Much love (even though I'm not really sure who you are),

Dude, West. I know you're all hot and bothered over Claire and her "Regeneration FTW" speech, but try to make it look a bit less... OBVIOUS. You too, Martha. (Dude, Martha is sooooooo in love with Claire. It's not even funny.)

Anyone else find it HILARIOUS that Bob plays a freakin' cello? ("Cello! Boss, I lauve it!" [/random SC-TV reference]) This just solidifies his position as Supreme Villain Super-McCreepy-Man. I don't really know why, though. Maybe playing an instrument is, like, what you do when you can't have an equally creepy cat/other-small-animal. I mean, Captain Hook played piano, right? (Let's face it, that hook would have been Bad News for a Small Furry Creature.)

'Port-au-Prince', you say? Why HALO DAR not-so-subtle hint dropping!

I find it absolutely adorable how damn protective Ale is of Maya. Especially because he's the baby, aslaskdjflaskdjfhsladkfh!!! :3333333

Did, uh... anyone else just notice that Peter's man!boobs just kinda, y'know... danced? O_________________O

McSorley. Linderman. McSorley. Linderman. I'm sensing a pattern of Quite Ominous Mafia Leaders Of Anglo-Descent here, y/n?

Pete's Power Display Count: 2. Yaaaaaaaay, healing! I love how... not totally surprised Caitlin seemed. 8] (BUT, I admit, when she was all "Possible??", the first thing I thought was "Damn, is Mo the ONLY person on this show who doesn't have powers?!" Oh wait, his blood is supah heeleen blud. :p )

Speaking of Mo, the look on his face as he's walking around Haiti are just classic. You know he's thinking "Damn, and I though India was dirty. :/ "
And WTF HE SPEAKS FRENCH?!?!?!?!? What, has he been sneaking in weekend lessons with Angela into his busy 'we b bringin' down the Company' schedule??

And this scene would be where I start shipping Mo/Haitian/Needle as my OT3. Because it's TWICE canon. Though someone should really warn the Haitian. "I'd telling you, dude. Keep hangin' around those two and you'll end up DEAD."

SO LET'S SPECULATE! The girl who was all "I'm a healer!" Anyone think she knew that stuff (and hence freaked out) about Maya because she's a telepath? Those camera effects were quite Matt-like.

WTF Japanese Don Ho? o.O

AHAHAHHAHAHHA, Hiro is such a hilarious badass. "Hear my defiant laugh! HA!" And then when it's over, he's just like "M'kay. I'm out. *leaves*"

Dude, Peter needs to calm the shit down. His arm veins look like they're ready to explode. They boy is lucky he hasn't given himself a coronary, yet. (And what I said about the Irish being (unintentionally) hi-fucking-larious?? Well, last time I checked, "inconsiderate fart" wasn't exactly a common term.

Pete's Power Display Count: 3. ZOOOOOOMG, he got DudeLol's phasing! \o\ /o/ \o/

West has the best timing of every stalker that I've ever come across. (Err, don't read too much into that.) But he's totally right. Claire is definitely the whales and unicorns type. Five bucks says that if you look inside her bookbag all the folders, binders, pencils, etc. are made by Lisa Frank.

HAHAAHHAAHHAHA, CHEST IS TOTALLY FUCKING CANON!!! Chandra's intense book-cover stare has hypnotized him!! He will be made to do dirty, obscene things with/for Chandra! And Monty! D:

Dude, the stolen car! Could've had so much potential! (West: "Can I give you a ride home, Claire? I mean in my car, of course. Not like I can fly or anything.")


Dude, the Haitian. XD "There's always a Company. Never an Organization." BUT WHOA. I AM IN SO MUCH LOVE WITH THE 'VICTIM' POV FOR THE HAITIAN'S MEMORY WIPE. No wonder Sandra was always so out of it. Trufax.

Oh noes Herreras! D: D: D: But again, with the epic foreshadowing. "Not the time for tears roflcopter." That, and Maya is officially the tannest goth in existence.

Oh my God Ale, what the RUCK ARE YOU DOING?! And how the fuck is Nidia like, not dead anymore??? Moreover, why weren't either of them, y'know, surprised that she was all of a sudden a fucking ZOMBIE? And why couldn't you just do that before with all the other people your sister killed?? I have so many questions for you two.

ION, I'm now shipping whatever the hell you wish to call that shit coming out of Maya's eyes with the Black Oil from 'The X-Files'. OTP bitches.

Err, actually I take that back. HRG/Gummi Bears is my new OTP. I mean, the paper-man/plastic-bag-filled-with-sugary-goodness had such much eyesex going on between them that... Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhh.
And DUDE. Kring is making Noaire canon this year? Because seriously, I'd totally be on board for that. 8DDDD I mean BDDDDD.

Angela: "Sorry y'all, no Kangela."
Me: Nuuuuuuuuuuu. What, was Kaito to GHEY??? ;__________________________;
Angela: "Well, not anymore, at least."
Me: "Wh-- That means... \O/

I LMAO'd when Angela mentioned that the Symbol was the logo for Petrelli, Petrelli & Petrelli. And dude, you know that was the name of the firm. Not only that, but they totally ran ghetto ass TV commercials during Judge Judy and Jerry Springer. So yes, in my sad mind, Big Papa P was a lowly ambulance chaser.

Angela, not only is your mind screaming is teh OSSUM, but your "this is my straight face :|" face would make you one helluva poker player.

OMFG NATHAN. Much as I adore the Pasbeard, do NOT slick your hair back like that. If you're gonna be all hobo!chic, at least go all the way for it. Also, I wonder if that's Peter's suit he's wearing?

Err, never mind. XD (Aww, Angela/Nathan YAAAAAY!)

OH SNAP, Ricky doesn't shit around. (Though because it needs to be said, THE BOX!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!11!!11!11!!11

I'm pretty sure I mentioned before just how in love with Kensei I am. And carp!Hiro! And how much Kensei/Booze is the OTP of Eternity. :3333333

OMFG Kensei is a motherfucking HEALER! flaskdfjhaskldfjhkasdjfh Either that, or it's the whole "ZOMG HE IS IMMORTAL TRUFAX!" theory. Which, I mean, c'mon, even Carpy Hiro said "You cannot die". So... :/

LMFAO, Mathinder is on screen together. XDDD And Mois all Elmer Fudd-ing, with the "be vewwy vewwy quiet", only instead of hunting wabbits he doesn't want THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE Matt to wake up. ...I just want to know when we can expect a steamy love scene. Oh GAWD i think I just broke my brain. X||||||||||||||

HRG is working "the night shift". So I'm guessing we're gonna be seeing a Bennet/Mo fanmix soon with a certain Commodores song on it. Either that, or a hilariously done fanvid.

I think Bennet/Mo/Matt may have made itself my second draft pick for OT3 of choice (behind DOGPYLE, of course). THROUGH IN SOME SURPRISE HAITIAN AND YOU'RE GOT YOURSELF ONE HELLUVA FOURSOME! Guaranteed to be so insane that no one will remember anything the next morning.

It needs to be said: Mr. Muggles is the fucking AWESOME. He's all "Fuck you, lady, I'ma watch my porn, BITCH!" Oh, I am so working this into my Muggles challenge. XDDDDDDD

DUDE. CLAIRE. WHAT TEH FUCK. THAT WAS LIKE SS;ALFJKS;ALDFKJ;ASLDKFJS;ALDKFJ;SADKLFJASDJKLFHSADFJKH. How was she like, not flailing around in all sorts of panic-y pain is completely beyond me.

Claire's toe: *grows back*
Audience: O RLY?
Mr. Muggles: YA RLY.
Claire: NO WAI!

The hell West! I like you and everything, but please, keep away from windows. Or at least use windows that, you know, aren't blatantly revealing.

Though I love how Mr. Muggles is the only one smart enough to look up. Because he is ALL KNOWING and everything. TRUFAX.

HRG: "As long as I'm alive, you'll be taken care of."
Okay, what the hell!!!! I'm guessing The Benn has another kid out there somewhere (X_X), is one of the 9 8 left and is about to bte the big one (though I say he's too young), or, I--- I don't know. But O:!
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