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In which she is glad your back...

My Official Recap for heroes_meta. Episode 201 'Four Months Later'

First off, I know I will have MASSIVE FANGIRLING that will need to be suppressed, so in an attempt to not pollute my meta with it, I will now get it out of the way. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOMGOGMOGMOGMGOMGOGMOGMGOMGOGM MOTHERE FUCKIGN HEROES IS BACKSADL;FJHASLDFKJHASLKDFHASLDKFHAS EXCUSE NMYMY RABID KEYSMASHIGN AND TALL THE TYPIES THAT IT ENSUES I HAS NO TIEM TO OOK AT TEH SCREEEM AHD GSKGHSKLDFJGHASDFJKGHSDFJKLG. And a general WARNING, because there WILL BE SPOILERS UNDER THE CUT. So if you click it and see something you didn't want to, don't come crying to me.

FIRST OFF, TEH INTRO THINGY. I. Was. BAWLing. Literally, my notepaper has splotches all over it from my fangirly tears. I mean, the music and Mo's NeverEnding Story Voice Over, and DEAR GOD THE FLASHBACK CLIPS!!! *weep*

Oh gawd why we be showing teh Finale clips. O_O *breaks down*

Duuuuude, the new Company dude is whack! Thompson, consider your Creepiness (tm) PWNED. Although, now I have an insane urge to watch Groundhog Day. "Phil? PHIL CONNORS?!"

WonderTwin Powers, ACTIVATE! Form of an ice menorah! ... (Oh man, Dania Ramirez has a friggin' huge rack. HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS ON THE WORLD TOUR? I WAS ONLY TWO FEET IN FRONT OF HER!) ILU Herreras. &hearts

"Except for her." LAWL, Noah's a pedo. (Oh noes, call LJ/6A!!) And OH GODZ, teh Noaire. Why must this cast have such good chemistry, WHY?!?! On the other hand, dude hymenchan, we RP canon. 8} OH GOD, HE HAS SUCH A GUILT COMPLEX!

OMG West! (I am quite pleased on how much I've changed my view on this character. When we first heard about him I was all "Nuuuuuu!" but I admit, he now makes me squee. :3) You better be watching out, though. Noah's gonna kick your ass in if you're not careful... After teh sexx0rz, that is.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay OMG HIRO! Dude, you're such a fangirlboy. And you ADMIT IT, TOO! :333

ACK, OMG YOU GUYS IT'S VIRGINIA'S APARTMENT! JSDFHLASDJKFHASKDJF ... Err, nevermind. (Bad form, Tim Kring. Bad form!) But omgz YAAAAAY Matty you finally got yourself a Detective badge! I wonder what color the test was, roflcopter.

MOAR WEST. 8D OMG he's so adorkable I love him. Robots/Aliens are my new OTP. And weirdly, I 'm not having a problem shipping him with Claire. (WTF, something must be wrong with me. A NORMAL SHIP?! I don't do those!!!)

Oh Matt and Molly! They are so fucking cute together! :3333333 But... Divorce? FROM JAN THE CHEATING SKANK OF A WIFE????? Nuuuuuuuuuuu!!! But, but-- Whatever happened to "OMG we're having a baby! A BABY!!! *flails*" Seriously, this better be solely for the purpose of Jan later having the kid, who then has some supercool powers, and she's all like "OMG Matt I'm sorry. Take me back, plz?" And then lots of cute, squishy!cheeked make-up hugs would occur. Either that, or it was so Matt could have hawt necrophilia-relations with Ted's decomposing corpse.
But the drawings with the EYES, and the OMG HELIX! *fangirls* Want moar, plz.

Kirby Plaza! Kaito! Ando! HOBO-NATHAN!!!

Pa Nakamura, you are the epitome of Awesomesauce. For realz. Especially now that Ando-kun has become your new Padawan. Can you just imagine the scene that led up to this?
Kaito: "Go, Ando. Bring me some coffee, bitch."
Ando: "Yes, sir."
Kaito: *slaps ass* "What did you say?"
Ando: "I mean Master."
Kaito: *slaps ass again*
Ando: "I mean, um, Sensei."
Kaito: *slaps yet again*
Ando: "What? That's what you told me to call you!"
Kaito: "I know. I just like slapping that firm ass of yours."
Ando: O_O

And OMG the black spot picture with the Deveaux building in the back asljkdfhlasdfh. Who's shoulder is that? Linderman? Charles? DALLAS???

Dude. Natarz is SO living out of Peter's apartment. Okay, if this doesn't solidify just how damn GHEY the Petrelli Bros are, then I give up. I mean, did you see the way he practically fondled that picture?? and now that Heidi and the kids are out of the way... Although, waaaaaaaah, HotWheels is gone. I guess now that she's regained her ability to walk she's decided to go back to her former life as a Burlesque dancer, Monty ran off to start his new life with Chandra, and Simon has gone to win his brother back for himself. (Dear God, those Petrellis are one crazy fucking family.)

Kensei. Dude, I can already tell, I am going to LOVE this character. And what I said earlier about Robots/Aliens being my new OTP? Well, they've already been dethroned by Kensei/Hiro. BRING ON TEH SWR0D PR0N!!11oneoen1

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA, Noah works at a Kinko's. I guess it's true what they say. Once you go paper, you never go back. I'd watch it manager dude, Noah's gonan kick your ass in.

OMG Creepy New Company Dude. Your power totally fucking rules! ALCHEMY FTW.

ROFLLLLLLLL, Matt and Molly are living out of Mo's apartment. And dude. Mo cooks. GHEY. (On the other hand, ewwwwwww, who the fuck drinks milk with their pizza? *ralphs*)

o_O Maybe it's just where I lived at the time, but as far as I know, NO high school has badminton equipment, much less actually has their kids playing it. Furthermore-- OOOO, West I love your shoes and socks!! \o/ And dude, this new cheerleader captain. I can't believe I'm going to ask this, but someone needs to write femslash between her and Jackie NOW.

Man, the ADR work for Molly dreaming is really, uh... suggestive. I wonder what kind of craziness was going on in the sound booth on that day. And seriously, when the voice was all "I SEE YOU!" was anyone else thinking the Eye Of Sauron? Or am I the only sad person who did?

Noah you are one Bad Ass Mother Fucker who will Fuck your Shit Right the Fuck Up. I told you you were gonna get it, Kinko's Man! Unf! *pumps fist*

Okay, maybe I was the only one thinking about the Eye of Sauron, but PLEASE tell me that I'm not alone in thinking that Kensei is channeling the Dread Pirate Roberts?! I mean, TELL ME YOU SEE IT!

Dude, Kaito/Angela needs to happen. They have a past! YOU KNOW he was hitting on her all "LAWLS, Dallas isn't here. Wanna???" And uhh, "Now there are Nine"?? Lucy Kaito, you has some 'splaining to do. (Okay, so if there are nine left, Kaito and Angela make up one and two, and the much rumored MATT'S DAD would be three, that still leaves six people and OMGOGMlsdfjhasldfkhasldkfh.)

Hiro: "I made you a history. But I broked it." (I find it amusing and sad all at once that Hiro and I both said "Great Scott!" at the same time. XDDDDD) And ROFLCOPTER, Takezo Kensei is actually Jack Sparrow. Someone needs to write drunk!fic between these two now!

BENNET BUTLER FAMILY DINNER, FTW!!! Sandra! Post-puberty Lyle! (Dear God that boy grew!) MR. MUGGLES!!!! Haaaaaaa, Noah got pwned by Sandra. And just for the record...
Lyle: Dude, our new lives suck. *has teh hawts for Mr. Muggles*

OH SNAP, Mo and Noah are working UNDACUVRR 2GETHRRR! (We're in ur Cumpny, ruinng ur planz.)

Again with the OH SNAP. Maya did dun killed them Mexicans. I'm really itching to know exactly how her powers (and Alejandro's, too) are going to be explained. Moreover, what the reaction will be once they (more likely, SHE, since Alejandro will likely bite the big one quite soon) finds out that Chandra is, you know, DEAD. That could be awkward. O_O

Aww, Claire got rid of teh Pink Phone of GHEY. But !!!!! she called Natarz! (And omg it looked like she was touching herself during the conversation. @_@ Again, need fic for dem NAU.)


Aaaaaaand West is a perv. A flying, fairy-like perv. who I may or may not be madly in love with. XD

LOL, the Irish dude said "For the love of Pete". ILU foreshadowing.
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