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In which she does an obligatory filler post because HELL'S COMIN' WITH ME!...

Extremely shitty week of DOOME slightly improved by THIS golden nugget of fuck. I swear IMDboards, most of the time you have no fucking clue what you're talking about, but every now and then the stupid clouds part and a teeny ray of something like this shines through.

Unfortunately, it also put me in the mood for some hot Wyatt/Doc fic, which sadly seems not to exist. (Even more unfortunate, there isn't enough alcohol in the world to make me write it.)

Although in the meantime I suppose I could...
~ Get a life (haven't found one in the past 22 years, probably not gonna find one now)
~ Stop being stupid (see above)
~ Find a piratey bar to party at move into Wednesday night (also unlikely, as I'm too much of a loser to go to a bar by myself and will just probably sit at home (by myself) and drink, minus piratey speech and/or dress)
~ Figure out a way to explain me NOT attending my dad's 60th birthday party Thursday (probably use work as an excuse; on top of everything else, I just don't need the stress right now)
~ Sleep, because I kinda have work in a few hours (although God knows I won't be getting any worthwhile rest)

[EDIT: And when the FUCK did I get a blood blister on my hand?! *growl*]
Tags: bad sleep, drinking, edits, family, fic, funny shit, holidays, imdb, links, med, meh, movies, owwwo, pirates, rl, talk like a pirate day, to-do

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