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In which she is OFFICIALLY out on business...

Okay, so everybody remember that one last entry before I go that I promised? Well, as it turns out its not gonna happen. Rest assured, I will post the last album request and the meme results when I get back, just no promises on how soon. Really, it depends on how many pictures I have to upload, how long it takes me to write up my recap for FADPOV (PIMP!), of course how long it takes my brain to recover. But yes, regular journaling will commence eventually!

I just got way behind with everything at the last minute (for example, because the computer I use is old and retarded, in order for me to plug my MP3 into the USB port to load songs onto it is if I unplug the keyboard, and somehow in the process I managed to bend the prongs past the point of repair and had to run over to Wal*Mart and buy a new one, which I'm still getting used to so bear with me if there are an insane amount of minor typos here *headdesk*) and OMG SATURDAY IS ALMOST HERE.

Speaking of which, I'm so ridiculously behind with my packing that it's not even funny. Honestly, the only things in my suitcase at the moment are one pair of shoes (for 'Avenue Q' on Saturday night), a pair of pajama pants, some extra hair ties, and of course the engraved name tags for myself, hymenchan, and Mr. Muggles. Needless to say, I've gotta get to packin', (which, for me, also means I need to do laundry; which kinda sucks because it's almost midnight and I have to be in to work tomorrow by six A.M. Not cool.

But HOOOOOOOOOOMG I am just so askldjf over everything right now. Only one more day of slave labor work and then sweet, sweet New York (not to mention Quinto and his Ass of Awesome).

Anyhoo, the main reason I was posting this was to ask that, since I probably won't get a chance to get on LJ much until at least Wednesday afternoon (our hostel has computers with high-speed internet access; but of course they charge their own fees, and I really have no idea how our time there will be divvied up), so if there is ANYTHING huge/major/epic that you feel I should see, whether it be related to any of my vastly numerous fandoms, or just some random shit you found amusing, link me in the comments! My flist has grown so much lately that it could literally take me forever to catch up on it, especially with all the other recaps flying around from the HWT.

(In the meantime, I'll probably be up all night packing, doing laundry, and cleaning my room, so feel free to IM me. (AIM sn is listed on my userpage. I'll be signed on all night.) I may not reply very fast, but reply I will!)

[EDIT: Okay, so it may not be the best idea to look at websites focusing on airline disasters/tragedies/accidents a mere 34 hours before your very first flight. :/]
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