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In which she brings more for your listening pleasure...

What's this? More music sharing, you say! I believe it is!

First things first! chrryblssmninja wanted the three songs from the Yule Ball scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. If anyone else would like the rest of the album, just drop a comment and lemme know. (Songs by Franz Ferdinand, performing as The Weird Sisters.)

1. Do the Hippogriff
2. This is the Night
3. Magic Works

She also requested 'Gollum's Song' from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers OMPS. (Song performed by Emiliana Torrini.)

Gollum's Song

Also, senor_coconut_1 requested 'Little Light of Love' from the soundtrack to The Fifth Element. Below the cut are both versions. (Song performed by RXRA.)

Shorter Version - (3:33)
Longer Version - (4:50)

Both thespiansparkle and greatwhitesnark asked for the original cast recording to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. (Cast features John Lithgow as Lawrence, Norbert Leo Butz as Freddy, and Sherie Rene Scott as Christine.)

1. Overture
2. Give Them What They Want
3. What Was a Woman to Do?
4. Great Big Stuff
5. Chimp In a Suit
6. Oklahoma?
7. All About Ruprecht
8. Here I Am
9. Nothing Is Too Wonderful to Be True
10. The Miracle
11. Ruffhousin' mit Shuffhausen
12. Like Zis - Like Zat
13. The More We Dance
14. Love Is My Legs
15. Love Sneaks In
16. Son of Great Big Stuff
17. A Message from John Lithgow
18. The Reckoning
19. Dirty Rotten Number
20. Finale
21. Here I Am (original rough demo)
22. All About Ruprecht (original rough demo)
23. Nothing Is Too Wonderful to Be True (Sherie Rene Scott solo)

Coming soon:
The Last Five Years
Walt Disney World: The Official Album (2006)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More, with Feeling
The Rite of Spring
Suite from The Firebird
The Lion King (film), and
Sweeney Todd (2005 Revival Cast)

As always, feel free to request anything on THE LIST, which can be found here, (continually updated).
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